Gamertell Review: Pokemon Rumble for Wii

Gamertell has posted a fairly positive review of Nintendo's Pokemon Rumble.

From the review:

"Pokemon Rumble, one of Nintendo's latest WiiWare offerings, both capitalizes on an established series and already existing graphics. It uses the pokemon designs from My Pokemon Ranch and relies on the Pokemon namesake to lure people in to a surprisingly enjoyable, and often addictive action game. It offers a more casual and effortless experience than most Pokemon fans expect from the series, which may help lure in less experienced and casual gamers."

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Pokémon Rumble: Weekend Edition Repopulates Missing Generations In Wii Game

Daav Valentaten from NoobFeed writes - Pokémon Rumble: Weekend Edition is an unofficial mod for the Nintendo Wii game, which restores the generations that were missing.

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I’d Play That for Nothing: Pokemon Rumble

Pokemon Rumble is a WiiWare game that has a lot going for it...and yet has nothing going for it at all. What does that mean? It means words.


SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Back to School Edition

SPC writes, "Many students, whether they are in primary school or college, are heading back or have already headed back to school. It's time to give my prized pupils the treat of video game music. Feel free to leave an apple on this teacher's desk when we are through. On this week's edition of the VGMs, we have music from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Sonic & Knuckles, and Pokemon Rumble. Get your #2 pencil ready so we can begin."

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