31 new FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage screens

31 new screenshots of Bugbear Entertainment's FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage for you, and they're ready for viewing.

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omansteveo4740d ago

Ive never played any Flatout games but the trailer for this they have up on Live is pretty funny, launching people from vehicles is classic.

SuperSaiyan44740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I hated the look of the first one and this new one is just a Burnout wannabee that looks completely CACK!
Oh wait its made by....


Known for their complete rubbish games! I say worse than Atari.

@2.1 LOL I hope you dont mean me mate cos I love the 360! I have a PS3 as well and love my games but what I dont like is games TRYING to be like other games and turn out to be cack.

Xeoset4740d ago

Ahhh, the PS3 Fanboy, known to stray from it's natural habitat and attempt to mock a better gaming experience, hoping to find some form of relief, only showing how much of an idiot he is and proving he has no games to play on his dying, almost dead, console.

PS3 Fanboy (Retardus Maximus).

Anyway, the game looks beautiful, there are way too many racing games alone to pick up on the 360.

Fatal Inertia
Forza 2

How am I going to afford all these great titles?!

InMyOpinion4740d ago

I remember Flatout 1 & 2 as two of the racing games on Xbox that had the most advanced graphics & physics engines. Only rivalled by Rallisport challenge 2 graphically, not the physics.

Antan4740d ago

"Ultimate Carnage"

Some of the online races ive been having on Forza 2 fit into this category also!!!!

nobizlikesnowbiz4740d ago

Flatout wasn't a horrible game. It was actually pretty fun. It didn't have the insanely fast speeds and amazing wrecks that Burnout has. But it did have the minigames that required you to crash your car with your driver flying through the windshield and hitting targets.

Now that my friends is priceless....

If they make a better version of it, with more fun features and a little bit more of an attraction other than "mutilate your driver", I will be checking this one out.

ben hates you4740d ago

supersaying is ps3 fanboy thats why he says its crap since its exclusive to 360, i'm pretty sure xplay gave this game of the year in 05 or 06 not sure

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