Americas Preorder Charts - 19th Dec 09

VGChartz writes: "God of War III continues to lead the latest preorder chart with around 160,000 preorders. We still expect total preorders to top out at over 450,000 units and for God of War III to perform similarly to it's immediate predecessor. All of the games in the top 7 have a number of weeks to go until release and should see strong increases in preorders in the new year once the holiday season has finished and gamers start to look towards their next purchases."

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sparta763224d ago

GOD!!! I can't wait!! The wait is killing me :(

Genesis53224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Oh the irony! PS3 leading on Bayonetta preorders. Well I have the top 2. Except Mass Effect 2 I have preordered for PC.

Saaking3224d ago

Bayonetta is not a shooter. That's why PS3 is leading even though the 360 has the better version.

Chris3993224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

But I'll wait for the NPD numbers.

Even though they're completely different games, you do realize that the Bayonetta reviews are setting the "yardstick" by which journalists will measure GOW? To me, this is ridiculous as the game is more in parallel with DMC. GOW was always more about the story-line and set-pieces than hammering out combos.

But that's my take on the hype for Bayonetta. Can't slam a game unless you've created the precedent to do such a thing. That, and people just like to hype every game to "10" in these times.

sikbeta3224d ago

GOD OF WAR 3 IS BEAST, so no surprise here

For KRATOS sake, Heavy Rain needs more support

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randomwiz3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

god of war preorders dont surprise me, but MAG preorders do, especially with the mixed feelings this game has been getting.

I like it, but I feel as though I've had enough in the beta because I've played it so long, and so many times, its not on the top of my list.

also surprising is that ps3 version of BC2 has just a few more preorders than the 360 version in NA.

RememberThe3573224d ago

I'm already getting tired of MW2 online and I've had the game for like a week and a half(I f*ckin hate dual wielding, COD is not Halo damn it). I might pick up MAG myself just to get something new to play online.

sikbeta3224d ago

Man, 256 players is HUGE and we don't talk about how the game has no lag, something that Average Joes don't even know, so this game is not going to disappoint, quite the opposite is going to be Awesome

chidori6663224d ago

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 32,499 >>>>>>>Fi nal Fantasy XIII X360 20,764


MAG: Massive Action Game PS3 113,878------> haters got owned here

God of War III PS3 160,262-------> another owned.

chrisulloa3224d ago

So first sales don't matter and now they do?

Lou-Cipher3224d ago

So first sells matter, and now they don't? (its easy being a hypocrite isn't it)

The only reason these #s are interesting, is because we PS3 owners know that we play the superior console no matter how many games or consoles the PS3 sells, and the sells #s were all you brainwashed children have left for an argument.

Now we just found out that the 360's best exclusive (Sales) was a timed exclusive, and is a better experience on the PS3. HAHAHA

Plus, this shows how desperate people like Aaron Greenburg (and his sheep followers) actually are. "Final Fantasy will sell better on the 360" What an idiot.

360 fanboys are the ones that cling to the sales #s, but we are the ones that are standing here saying "I TOLD YOU SO,DUMBASS"

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NoOoB1013224d ago

Im waiting till after the holidays to pre order all my games. I cant pass up the GOW3 pandora box. Also gotta get Gt5 and Modnation Racers. Maybe MAG. Also Mass effect 2. too many games haha

3223d ago
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