Driver: Parallel Lines screenshots

Driver: Parallel Lines brings us back to the 70's of New York. Check out the screenshots of this GTA-like game.

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Diselage4732d ago

Finally something that resembles a decent sandbox driving game for the Wii. Hopefully the controls are good and this one may actually be a hit.

pale2hall4732d ago

i already played through it on ps2.

it was good, but not that amazing.

seems like a waste of a port.

M_Prime4732d ago

its just came out 2day and let me tell u (since i didn't play it b4) it is pretty decent.. though i liked GTA:VC better.. but graphically its pretty good and controls are spot on when it comes to the 3rd person stuff.. a lot better then anything i played with b4 including ANY GTA on any CONSOLE (PC version with mouse was decent for controls)

DRIVER looks better though so if they use SCARFACE style controls and good game mechanics then this game will kick ass..

i love sandbox style games..

only problem i have with SCARFACE WII is that i'm still using GODFATHER BLACKHAND EDITION controls for driving.. and GODFATHER graphics were a lil better in my book but the scarface gameplay is more fun..

maybe this will be the ULTIMATE MIX until ROCKSTAR decide to give us GTA on the wii.. even if its just the previous ones ported.. like how XBOX got em