Driver: Parallel Lines - Strip Club Cutscene, Game Intro, Driving Skills Gameplay presents three videos from the recently released Driver: Parallel Lines.

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Diselage5642d ago

So they're saying this is going to be better on the Wii than it was before, just not another Driver 3 on our hands?

ITR5642d ago

I like the Driver series. But it does look a bit like GTA

emptiness5642d ago (Edited 5641d ago )

wow, a strip club on the Wii...hey mommy what's that? OMG, shut that game off RIGHT NOW!

i say bring on the GTA clones...personally i think this driver has a more updated and modern edge to the genre. GTA is turned into a rerun with San Andreas and also added crap i thought was REALLY gay. when i play a video game i don't want to have to feed my character, or excercise my character, or etc. San Andreas sucked, i hope GTA IV is revised so it won't but i'll probably end up playing driver more than GTA IV...