No-one's Jumping for Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Guitar Hero: Van Halen was just released in North America, but it's proving a disappointment among reviewers. Where have all the good times gone?

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TheDarkCynic3222d ago

I'm not particularly partial to the band, so I wasn't planning on giving this a go. Based on the negative press, it seems like the right move. However, I like to give everything a chance, so perhaps after the holidays I'll pick it up :)

A HiFi3222d ago

I really wanted this to be good but...I wonder how it sells. Lego Rock Band failed, didn't it? Maybe they'll be rethinking all these spin-offs very soon.

Ziriux3222d ago

Shoot I'll send you a free copy my man, I will PM you with details and asking for the address, do not worry my young one, I will send you a copy, I have to get rid of crap.

Saaking3222d ago

I really wish they'd give it a rest. These type of music games can easily be supported with DLC packs every once in a while. There's no need for a full 60 dollar game every three months.

Ziriux3222d ago

Not at all mate, Lego Rock Band did quite good actually. It is a very family oriented game indeed.

A HiFi3222d ago

I just say that because it didn't make the top 40 in the UK in its first week. Don't think it has been on since. Will need to check that up.

Ziriux3222d ago

Not sure if you guys are fans of Lego in UK, but kinds love them in the U.S.

ThatArtGuy3222d ago

I'll gladly take it off their hands.

Nihilism3222d ago

maybe that's because hair bands suck, every whip out the spandex so we can rock out like it was 1980 all over again!

STK0263222d ago

While I agree with you Saaking about the fact that it could easily be done with DLC rather than a 60$ retail game, I guess it would come to a similar price due to the pricing of most songs, depending on how many songs each of these band-related games contain, it might simply be cheaper for the consumer to pay 60$ for it rather than pay the usual 2$ a song you usually pay for. Plus, there's usually some kind of artistic difference and some additional stuff that makes it even better.

The reason it's not selling well is mostly due to a major lack of advertising (haven't seen one ad for this game, not even on the internet) and the fact that the band's main audience is not the same group usually targeted by video games. I believe the MEtallica one sold rather well. Also, if both Rock Band and Guitar Hero only selected huge bands with a big catalog to make these band-specific games, they would probably fare better. Rock Band The Beatles sold reasonably well, thanks to the Beatles being a huge band. I highly doubt (and perhaps secretly wish) that the Green Day one will do nearly as well. Don'T get me wrong, I don't hate Green Day, I just think some bands are way more deserving of getting a game than they are.

cLiCK_sLiCK93222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I would NEVER buy a Guitar Hero game priced at 60 dollars. We all know thats a rip off. But see, Guitar Hero losses its value quickly. GH:WT was released about year ago, and now you can buy at 10 dollars on ebay. Same with all it predecessors. 80 songs for 10 bucks? Thats a deal imo. Much better than buying DLC which never goes down in price. So the more they release the better. I could careless.

And I can guarantee everybody Guitar Hero: Van Helen, GH: 5, and Greatest hits will all be ten bucks each by the end of next year. After all, im not in a rush pick up these games and Activison doesn't get my money either way.

cyberwaffles3222d ago

only thing good about this game is that it has van halen in it. other than, to hell with guitar hero and rock band. pick up a real instrument dammit.

BenCrazy4243222d ago

If you're smart, you have to look at the many people like me that got the game for free.

Either way, $60 for this game is a rip off!!! Half the list from the last game but the same price, and this is coming from a van halen fan, look at my picture!

But what else would you expect from Activi$ion.

sikbeta3222d ago

I really don't like this kind of games, they're on par with Madden, every year a new band and the "peripherals" are [email protected] toys, so better give this "franchise" a rest

Smacktard3222d ago

Let's see... no Sammy Hagar, no Michael Anthony, and not even a decent Van Halen representation. DURR HURRP I WONDER WHY NOBODY'S JUMPING FOR THE GAME

ThanatosDMC3222d ago

Why release this when you should just be able to download the new songs. Maybe people learned to stop being milked? Nah... i doubt it.

ThatArtGuy3222d ago

No Sammy is a huge plus. <sarcasm>I really want to wail those guitar parts on "When It's Love" and "Right Now."</sarcsm>

Smacktard3221d ago

Right Now is a fantastic song, and Halen had some great tunes with Hagar. He definitely made the band poppier, but songs like Dance The Night Away, Finish What Ya Started, and Black and Blue.

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cb8103222d ago

I haven't seen one commercial or print ad for this...

Blaze9293222d ago

i havent even seen any reviews. hell if it wasnt for this submission, i wouldnt have even known it was out.

Marty83703222d ago

I deleted demo once I knew it couldn't be played with controller like the aerosmith one. Shame cos I was looking forward to it.

Ziriux3222d ago

Not sure why you'd want to play a music game with a controller.

Nihilism3222d ago

maybe because the overpriced peripheral is overpriced and ridiculous, I'm sure the control is also easier

Ziriux3222d ago

Geez, a use Guitar at GameStop is about $25.

bennyace3222d ago

Everybody here seems to have those big, full HD giant screens with big sound systems so they can see the 1080p resolution and hear the difference between the uncompressed audio of the PS3 but can't afford a 25$ guitar controller!!! Man, this is hard to believe. Please find another excuse.

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mrv3213222d ago

Another GH... colour me amazed.

UltimateSin3222d ago

Plus, this game is made by Activision. Their whoring knows no bounds.

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