Top 5 Novels That Should Be Games

It's no secret that, traditionally, video games have crappy plots. It seems that more and more video games are full of Cliché protagonists, mixed with forgettable backdrops, and campy villains. There have been exceptions to the rule, and with the upcoming release of "plot heavy" games like Mass Effect and Bioshock, it seems that the gaming industry is making strides in the right direction. So what else can developers do to improve the entire game experience? Without hiring vast teams of writers, how can they portray a quality story? To find that answer, all they have to do is look towards the movie industry.

The movie industry is also known for cheap, unbelievable plots. So, how do they deal with it? They use critically acclaimed novels as the basis for their movies.

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Boon Tarkas4740d ago

Edgar Rice Burroughs: John Carter of Mars series

Terry Goodkind's massive series

Tesla4740d ago

Since it's widely known that so small number of people is reading books, maybe it would be nice if everybody could recommend some books. Reading the books has so many benefits. Unfortunately, people reject them. :(

MK_Red4740d ago

Just saw the trailer for hollywood big adaptation of I AM LEGEND (Starring Will Smith) and it looked like a great theme for game and felt kinda like Fallout 3 teaser. (The empty city)

Silver3604740d ago

Alan Dean Fosters' The I inside. There is also Eddings Belgaraid series. Great books.