Nvidia's Fermi GPU gets cut back

Nvidia has had to cut back its Fermi GPU because of the chip's low wafer yields and its high heat output, if the latest reports are to believed.

Fermi has long been thought to be too hot to handle and Nvidia has now cut down the number of stream processors to 448 instead of the previous 512, and it has admitted that the GPU chip will be a 225 Watt part. Nvidia's own Fermi information pages still show it as having 512 SPs, but according to a recent PDF this is no longer the case.

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Celeras3222d ago

Only the Tesla (non-gaming) cards are being cut back, and this was already posted via the original source from Semiaccurate a few days ago. Wtf N4G?

kwyjibo3221d ago

It's a repost, yes. But cutting back on the professional product means they'll be cutting back on the high end customer one too. They're usually very similar.

Kakkoii3221d ago

No it doesn't for sure kwyjibo. The Tesla cards require more power due to the larger RAM size and clocks. In order to bring power consumption down, they would need to disable one of the core clusters. It's ok for them to push the max TDP for the consumer cards. But when it comes to the Tesla cards, they have to make sure they do not go over, as these cards/chips are packed together in large server racks a lot of the time. And going over by even a bit, spread across a large amount of these cards would create a big problem for the user.

Another reason could be for redundancy. By making a chip with 512 cores, but only saying you need 448 of them. You can increase chip yields a lot more. As you have 64 cores to spare in case of chip abnormalities. This gives them more yields to choose the cream of the crop chips from, and use the remaining for GTX 360's.

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