RTS Games you should look out for in 2010

The RTS genre has been overlooked by a lot of gamers, unlike other genres, the RTS genre has always focused on more skill and tactics, hence the word 'strategy' used in the term. While 2009 had some revolutionary games in the genre like Halo wars making RTS assessable on Console to Dawn of War 2 making a more combat focused gameplay we still had a small number of games in the genre and 2010 looks no different. Sadly and unsprisingly , since the lineup is so small, only 3 have made it to the list and almost none of them have console counterparts. But where quantity is lacking i'm sure quality will fill the gap considering that all 4 games come from legendary RTS series, 2010 looks like alot of fun.

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w0ngle3221d ago

I'm keen for starcraft 2 and maybe Napoleon total war if it doesn't force customers to use steam

thorstein3220d ago

He claims he was "disappointed with the title." How can that be if it hasn't even been released yet. RUSE looks amazing.

Proxy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I'll go into fits of rolling my mouse well backwards trying to get a good view of the battlefield if I play "can't see more than 12 units at a time" starcraft.

Starcraft II does look to have classic gameplay, which is good. Now if we could get a classic price tag as well.

Perjoss3220d ago

Being a huge Bliz fanboy I'm gagging for Starcraft 2, mainly for the campaign as I dont do RTS multiplayer. Sometimes I wish Bliz would start making micro games, stuff like PvZ or something else that might sit at home on a handheld or iphone. Just to have a Bliz release a little more often.

ThanatosDMC3219d ago

Supreme Commander 2 is going to be awesome. Sucks that it seems we can whore our tech 3 shield generators all over the base like in SupCom1.

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w0ngle3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

there was a vip beta you fool

Sarcasm3220d ago

Starcraft II. Nuff' Said

Thadorus3220d ago

and didn't like it at all, it was mostly the controls were very annoying and allowed little control over battles etc making battle kinda automated.

I'm looking forward to Starcraft II the most, blizzard never dissapoints.