Music Games- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Nate Largent writes "In November of 2005, a little game came out created by Harmonix and published by Activision. That game was Guitar Hero.

While it was not a huge mainstream game, GH developed a cult following of dedicated gamers and music fans. The next year, Guitar Hero II was released and caught on like wildfire. Gamers that owned PS2s and Xbox 360s got a chance to rock and/or roll to current and past hits on a plastic guitar. Since that explosion, the powers that created the GH games have split into two teams, with Harmonix going to EA and creating Rock Band while Activision kept the Guitar Hero name and bestowed the franchise on Tony Hawk team Neversoft. Now, at the end of 2009, we have had 4 years of music games, with some positives as well as negatives So what is the current state of the music game?? Read on, young musicians.."

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Is Guitar Hero Coming To The PS5 Or Xbox Series X?

It’s been nearly a decade since the release of the last Guitar Hero game. Is time running out for Guitar Hero, or are we closer than ever to the long-awaited reunion tour on the PS5 and Xbox Series X? As it turns out, we might soon see the return of a rock giant — at least, if modern gaming trends are to be trusted.

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Cacabunga27d ago

I miss those times with Rock Band, DJ Hero and all rhythm games.

BeHunted26d ago

Thank you for supporting Microsoft by purchasing Guitar Hero.


I just don’t see this being nearly as popular as it was back in the day. These kids are way too attached to phones and tablets to care about plastic guitars and drums. Would be cool if it did return but I just don’t see hype for it like the good old days of gaming.

DarXyde27d ago

Or....in the modern era, it could support real electric guitars and drum sets...?

I think we can do better than the buttons at this point

ThatArtGuy27d ago

Rocksmith does real guitar.

DarXyde27d ago


All the more reason to get with the program.

S2Killinit27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Hmmm maybe you are correct. Unfortunately. Also, there is the VR rhythm games already in the wide which are very popular. But back in those days we only had gutar hero.

Gaming4Life198127d ago

I would gladly buy a guitar hero collection or just guitar hero 2 again on series X or ps5.

neutralgamer199227d ago

Most likely answer is both platforms because why leave out 60-70 million platform gamers

Dandalandan11727d ago

Make it some kind of collection or greatest hits then I'm sold

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Thundercat77459d ago

Guitar Hero was good. The problem was Activision started creating many versions. Guitar Hero had the every one year cycle like COD and people felt they were being robbed.

myfathersbastard459d ago

It was even worse then that. My roommate and I were big into rock band. Had a concert sized sound system for it in the shop. Both rock band and guitar hero were doing a yearly release yeah, but then also doing song packs and band packs every other week almost at one point. AND releasing them on physical disc. Before we stopped we had litterely dozens of discs for different songs and bands. They just never stopped coming out. People can only handle buying so much for 1 game.

Ra3030459d ago

Why in the hell would one want to spend time to learn a button mashing order when you can lean to play a real guitar in the same time frame.