Hey Bungie, include open chat in Halo 3

The Halo 3 beta wrapped up earlier this morning and for the most part everything was grand. That is except for one major issue that has been taunting players with an evil grin since first playing the beta ... lack of an open chat system. True, open chat has never been a part of the Halo franchise, which opts instead for a push to talk system, but with the trilogy coming to an end it's a feature that needs to be included. Who really likes pressing a button to talk anyway? So, Xbox360Fanboy is asking you for your help. They want you to comment on this post stating that you support an open voice chat system in Halo 3 multiplayer and want Bungie to get rid of the push to talk mess. They'll make sure the big guys over at Bungie see this post and all the fanboy support for opening up Halo 3's chat. Let's band together and fight this push to talk madness, comment away fanboys and let's make a change! Hoorah!

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rusgreim4733d ago

I don't WANT open chat. There are already too many damn 12 year olds I have to hear talking about their stupid mundane lives and other non-game related garbage. If open chat is implemented, now I'll have to hear them continue to babble even when they are across the map. At least now I can leave the range of proximity chat without having to mute them in the unlikely situation they may want to communicate something tactical.

omansteveo4733d ago

I feel you dude the beta was awesome and im perfectly fine without it seriously it was so much more fun that way HEY BUNGIE LEAVE IT OUT!...its perfectly fine for custom games but nothin else.

nobizlikesnowbiz4733d ago

Yea if there was an open chat I'd be compelled to blow my head off from listening to 12 year olds sing rap songs or the latest pop song.

Lygre4733d ago

I think it's better to just talk when you play than be having to press a button to talk. It's quite hectic when u'r shooting someone and u have to press the D pad at the same time and give a message.

If u don't like annoying kids, just mute them, voilà!

nice_cuppa4732d ago

there you go.

i don't like having to press a button.

KoolMan4732d ago

sometimes when u got like 2 sec to worn ur friend from an atack by the time u press talk button he or u dead...

SorenK4732d ago

No to open chat for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.