Spawn Kill Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

The Herp of Spawn Kill Writes:

"Over the past few years the FIFA series has been the soccer game of choice. Ever since EA's recommitment to realism in the series, Konami has had a tough time keeping up with them. With every title released the PES series has felt more and more dated. Whether they were content with sticking to a proven formula created many years ago or whether they just couldn't find a way to bring life back into the series, Pro Evolution Soccer has failed to deliver year after year. Going into PES 2010, Konami promised an overhaul of many features and in some aspects they have been successful. Graphically this is the best looking title in the series. In terms of game modes, Master League has never been better and they put the official UEFA Champions League license to great use; however with every couple of steps forward PES 2010 takes there is always something that makes them go back a step."

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tigresa3224d ago

Looks like we weren't too hasty in just nabbing up FIFA instead of waiting for PES this year.