Movies That Deserve Better Video Games

Video game publishers continue to churn out crappy movie-based games, luring consumers with the promise of going "inside the film." For whatever reason (time, money or the flick sucked to begin with), these companies rarely make due on this guarantee, plunging gamers into glitch-ridden garbage that tarnishes the license's reputation. We're willing to look past awful games based on terrible films (Jaws the Revenge springs to mind), but the following movies deserved better. See the full list within.

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Diselage4240d ago

Robocop should have been an amazing game but it just wasn't meant to be

THAMMER14240d ago

But back then The Karate Kid was dope. When the wind blows it would wip you around. Just sweet. NES kicked @SS

Marcello4240d ago

For some reason be it either movie to game or game to movie it always goes wrong, i dunno why but it just does. Even the mighty Squaresoft messed up the Final Fantasy movie and almost went bust had they not merged with Enix.

MK_Red4240d ago

Where is Nightmare On Elm Street? Freddy Krueger deserves a better game than that stupid NES game. Other than that, kool list. Of all those movie/games, I think The Matrix deserves the most attention.