'Secret MPs' Guitar Hero cabal' Revealed

CC: It seems that not all MP's hate videogames, as Labour's Tom Watson has revealed in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK that he is part of a secret MP Guitar Hero cabal.

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dpdvxkpizbnwg3246d ago

Imagine them all shouting 'Fu*k yeah!'. I'd love to see that.

mjolliffe3246d ago

It shows that some MP's believe in the industry. If they focused on it a little bit more than it could turn into something more brilliant than it already is.

ruleroftekken3246d ago

Finally! They see the light!

hitthegspot3246d ago

I always get fired up when I read stuff like this... Their computer games... Paintball, Football (American and European), Rugby, and tag are all games also, but I always end up bruised at the end of the day playing them.

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The story is too old to be commented.