Is the game industry playing fair?

"Before, you were doing three characters dying a horrible death. Now you're doing 20 characters dying a horrible death," Dee Baker, a veteran voice actor, told the Los Angeles Times this month. "Not only will this mean less money for more work it's also going to be a lot more vocally difficult."

Baker was explaining why the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are at loggerheads with the video-game industry. SAG members want adequate compensation for the increasing amount of voiceover work needed in video games.

Their argument is simple enough: they say actors' pay has not kept pace with what is now the fastest growing arm of the entertainment business. November's release of the shoot-'em-up game Modern Warfare 2: Call of Duty demonstrated why the future looks promising for the video game industry, despite a difficult year.

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mrv3213224d ago

MW2 shows a bright future? I hope that doesn't include PC gamers

MW2 shows a bright future for share holders of IW... trust me if every game was like MW2 I wouldn't even be a gamer.

NotSoSilentBob3224d ago

SAG just wants more money in their Pockets for less work. They complain about having to work extra for less? I'm sure that Devs could go out on the Street and Yell "VOICE ADDITIONS FOR (insert Game Name)!!!!!" And they would have a million people in line just to get their name in the credits. If SAG members want more money they need to realize they are not Top Shelf material these days.

3221d ago