Opinion: The Video Game Business Is Broken

While Epic's Mark Rein thinks that episodic gaming is a broken model, GameDaily's CEO and Publisher, thinks the entire gaming business is broken. This is part 2 of a 3-part series on the future of video games, what's not working and what the future may hold.

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gamerof3606170d ago long as there are gamers....the VIDEO GAMES WILL LIVE!! (wats that guy been smoking?) just kidding not really : )

THELANDSOFSAND6170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

i think that episodic content is a natural progression of expansion packs. not all games will adopt this style, but with Live! constantly growing and a endless demand for new material, (Oblivion and COD2 could have easily adopted episodic content) I think all we are waiting for is a killer app to really show how episodic releases will work.

GTA4 anyone?

PS360PCROCKS6170d ago

this was a good read atleast.

ronin_oni6169d ago

Sorry but WE will never let games become just another trend as was once thought of games back in the 80's when the said market crashed. Our grandparents were known for their heroics in the 2 world wars, our parents we're known as hippies/ disco dancin' yuppies, let us be known as the ones who ushered in the digital era and embraced it as our own.