Microsoft Eyeing Google, Apple with Windows 8 Development

It has been months since Windows 7's successor has entered the planning and early development stages, and already Microsoft is taking aim at its competition deep inside its headquarters. At least two of them, Apple and Google, are being scrutinized especially closely, according to sources within the company. Despite the strong start Windows 7 has had, and Windows' huge installed base, the company realizes that there are new challenges in the changing marketplace that have to be met head-on if the Windows brand is to continue to flourish.

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Valay3225d ago

This reminds me that I should upgrade one of my other computers, which is still using XP.

Saryk3225d ago

I went to Vista the day it came out. That will never happen again. But anyway, i will wait and see about Win8 before I do anything. More than likely I will bypass Win7. Vista is working fine for me (and always had).

-Alpha3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Yes, that is how ideas get spread.

It's not like others don't do it, right? (/sarcasm)

If people didn't borrow ideas then society wouldn't be where it is now. What's so wrong with borrowing ideas? It's not as if MS is incapable of making their own, nor is it wrong to get ideas from other successors.

bjornbear3225d ago

i totally agree

but there are ways of going about that, and MS's court house record shows they don't do it very "modestly"

OtherWhiteMeat3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Borrowing ideas from other companies is basically patent infringement.That's why Microsoft is constantly in court. http://digitaldaily.allthin...

Godmars2903225d ago

"Borrowing" ideas is one thing. Borrowing them, making them look like you came up with them first while doing everything to limit the other guy, up to and including compromising your "idea" is another.

Sadly, that's MS's SOP.

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Pennywise3225d ago

This is an operating system Microsoft... this is not HALO. Jesus, do it with a service pack. Its not like your OS is inexpensive.

I don't want to hear about the next OS a month after one is released.

Arnon3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

A new OS is always in development, whether it's from Microsoft or Apple. It's not like they just halt on all ideas. Do you not want a new OS in 2-3 years that supports 128-bit processing and DirectX 12? Windows 8 wont be out for another 3 years or so, not to mention it was being discussed before Windows 7 was even released.

Windows XP was on Service Pack 2 by the time Windows Vista released. Windows Vista was on Service Pack 2 by the time Windows 7 released. I don't see you complaining about those.

It's normal for a company to support more than 1 OS at a time. It doesn't mean you have to buy the newest one every time it's released.

Somnipotent3225d ago

needs to stop spreading themselves so thin... so many different product fronts and nothing that excels. they are the jack of all and master of none. they're trying to be ubiquitous with technology when instead they're notorious for being monopolistic with a "me too" attitude. now don't get me wrong, lots of companies are guilty of it, microsoft is just the scapegoat.

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