Game Vortex: Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review

Game Vortex writes: "A big problem with Van Halen headlining a Guitar Hero title is you're always going to come out on the short end with music selection. Van Halen's internal problems, particularly the Hagar/ Roth feud, are legendary. As a result, big parts of the band's catalogue are absent. All of the songs featured in the game feature David Lee Roth, so you're missing out on some Hagar-era hits (and to a lesser extent, Gary Cherone). Whether Roth was responsible for Van Halen's bigger hits is debatable, but completely ignoring Hagar results in the inclusion of "B-side filler" rather than a bunch of great songs to play. A few non-Van Halen songs are included (including the requisite Foo Fighters song) and, oddly enough, are probably more fun than a majority of the Van Halen tracks."

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