Digital Chumps: Buzz! Quiz World Review

Digital Chumps writes: "I'll start off by saying my favorite part about Quiz World on the PSP is the fact that it's on the PSP. While the PS3 version is ideal for group trivia sessions and has a nicer presentation, the PSP is perfect for a quick fix or taking your trivia skills on the go. Indeed, the PSP version does also three forms of multiplayer -- online, Ad Hoc (with game sharing support where only one copy of the game is required to play), and pass-and-play local support. Whether starting up my own game or searching for available online games, I haven't had any luck finding anyone to play online yet. I will point out that players can create and search for games that are Long or Short, that use the Main quiz pack or a custom one, and 2-4 players are supported. The pass-and-play mode, which supports up six players, is nice, but not terribly fun. My point being, while several multiplayer modes are included with Quiz World, I think most folks are going to get most of their quizzing in with the single player modes."

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