Gamefly Top Ten Most Requested Games

The recently released Call of Juarez for Xbox 360 takes the top spot of the Gamefly Top Ten 'Most Queued' list. Resident Evil 4 is at the top of the Nintendo Wii list, while PlayStation 3 gamers can't wait to get Ninja Gaiden Sigma in their mailbox.

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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QUNE4735d ago

(8) of the top 10 are 360 and the other two are Wii. Does the PS3 not offer many titles on Gamefly?
I'm not subscribed to Gamefly or any other service. Are they worth it?

The Snake4735d ago

They offer all games for all major consoles. PS3 install base is probably just too low to compete.

As for whether Gamefly is worth it, that's subjective. If you don't have enough money to buy all the fun games you want to play or if you just like to beat a game and sell it or don't play it much afterwards then yes. If you're a completionist then probably not.