The REAL Problem with Modern Video Games

We see it all the time, people complaining about the trending problems in video games these days. These are problems that have been popping up in more and more video games, and they are becoming a major trend. In this article Explicit Gamer covers some of the most common complaints about video games and make a speculation about the cause of these problems.

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Mista T3221d ago

good read, I agree with everything in the article, made a lot of good points

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"Most DLC was never intended to be part of the original game"

That is what we are told, but many are beginning to suspect that we are being charged for content that is already on the disc (or already developed), simply as a way to squeeze even more money out of the consumer (as if $60 isn't enough).

I love DLC when (and only when) it is actual content that has been developed after the initial game was released.

The video game industry takes in an obscene amount of money each year, so I think that most gamers react very negatively if it even appears that we are trying to be milked for even more of our hard-earned cash.

GUCommander3221d ago

@Bubbles_Kitty_Cat that is why it says most. I can think of two very aggravating instances where this wasn't the case. Gears of War 2: Combustion Map Pack and Resident Evil 5's multiplayer DLC.

ia_studio3221d ago

well my dear sir, I believe thy problem involves the lack of genres there's 30 shooters for every non-shooter game this days, I remember when games where all about trying something different, ohhhh! The nostalgia is eating me. at least sony is trying to recover thy golden times. sigh.

GUCommander3221d ago

@ia_studio We buy most of the shooters they throw at us. We are to blame for that too. Supply and demand.

mikeslemonade3221d ago

I only buy multiplayer games. And they need to start putting multiplayer games in action/adventure games. Now the real problem right now is there's too many multiplatform games. If exclusives existed most of these problems would be gone.

GUCommander3221d ago

@mikeslemonade Before exclusives started going away we begged them to stop doing exclusives. "Why can't I play <xbox exclusive game> on my PS2". Now that exclusives are slowly dieing, we want them to come back. It is still our fault. We want what we want, despite the repercussions.

mfwahwah3220d ago

It's MY fault there are too many shooters? What is this garbage! I don't buy shooters. There's a market for EVERY genre. ANY quality game will sell.

I am NOT going to take the blame because Halo and CoD are disgustingly popular with hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike.

Next you'll be blaming me for Wii shovelware, right?

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GUCommander3221d ago

Thank You :) I'm sure plenty of people have read it and said, "pfft. I'm part of the solution biatch"...and that is why gaming continues to follow its current trends.


You sir are a genius.

When we tell people to think what they are supporting before buy, we are somehow whining...

For example, DLC. Almost all big releases this year had early talk about DLC, which maybe will be worked after release maybe will be locked on disc, but will make us feel milked anyway, like, if they already know they will add content, why sell me an incomplete game... That's reflection of 2007, while 360 had few DLC in 2006 as the console war officially started everyone was asking for DLC, it was supposed to be some advantage. Turned out it wasn't necessarily one, we got 'horse armor like DLC', 'locked-in-disc first day DLC', 'taunted as full game DLC' and 'exclusive DLC war'.

Next year we'll see many big releases with a MSRP of 65~70 bucks, specially sequels with little to no improvement.

DaysUntold3220d ago

But we will keep buying those 65-70 dollar sequels anyway, and thats what he is getting at in the article.

DaysUntold3221d ago

It takes a lot of guts to write an article that blames every gamer for the problems gamers complain about.


but there is a truth to what is being said. I blame gamers mostly... that includes myself.

no company will make something to sell to a customer base that does not demand it. we may not see it on these internet forums, but the big wigs look at sales numbers, charts, retail figures and those numbers don't lie. they simply feed those numbers..

we keep buying it, they keep giving us more - and they will look for the easiest, fastest, cheapest way of giving it to us ( same as any business ).

3221d ago
GUCommander3220d ago

How the hell did I forget that one...*smacks head*. I hate fanboyism with a passion.

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