Leave Well Enough Alone

DualShockers writes: "Why can't some companies just leave well enough alone? My gripe for a while now has been companies that have been making bad ports and bad remakes of games that I love."

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Ninferno3223d ago

very true, great article

Grevan3223d ago

Yea you're right. It sucks you know what I mean?

taz80803223d ago

The remake and the port, perhaps the two biggest sins of any game company. Perhaps followed by the poor sequel. I would rather play emulators than certain ports.

JoelT3223d ago

It is very rare to find a reboot that was better than the original.

taz80803223d ago

Sonic is probably the worst offender when it comes to remakes and ports. Sega has not done SOnic right in a long time.

Wii is the king of remakes and rehashes as well. It clings to the Mario and classic NES franchises desperately as it churns out money.

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The story is too old to be commented.