BioWare's New MMO Dated, Will Use Complex Event Processing

Last April, BioWare licensed the StreamBase Stream Processing Engine to help accelerate the development of their MMOG in production at BioWare Austin, and now, a TechWeb article discussing the technology with Bill Dalton, Technical Director of BioWare, reveals that the as-of-yet-unnamed game is due to be released in 2009:

BioWare has not announced the name or described the nature of its online game, but Dalton said it will be launched in 2009. Dalton said his firm wants to do more than match the state of the art represented by such online games as World of Warcraft. He expects the complex event processing built into his firm's game to allow richer role playing and interactions between players.

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ericnellie4734d ago

what in the hell are they working on. Whatever the name or the world it's based in - I buying this game! So far, I've loved all of BioWare's stuff!

First post w00t, w00t

ShiftyLookingCow4734d ago

if they are developing on ps3, I will buy ps3 when it comes out, I love Bioware that much. but knowing Bioware and their plans for Mass Effect its unlikely

Daxx4734d ago

Oh sure BioWare says that they are going to be releasing an MMO in 2009 but they haven't said anything about Mass Effect's release date, arggh...

Azures4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

This is really getting ridiculous, they've been hiding what this mmo is about for a year and a half. Has anyone ever seen something like this kind of secrecy? Giving details about the game's complex storytelling and adaptation abilities to its population but absolutely no info on what it is...

Really, is their any doubt that its Star Wars? Waiting for SWG's license to expire is an interesting tactic. Old Republic setting of course, not Galactic boring Empire age; Hopefully New Sith Wars for you fellow SW nerds out there. :)

QUNE4734d ago

I remember there has been a lot of talk on Biowares message boards about this (still might be). A lot of people want a KOTOR mmo, me included. No fantasy please!

ShiftyLookingCow4733d ago

I was never into investing time on mmos but if its kotor mmo oh yeah