Trophy List Hustle Kings Revealed

PS3-Sense writes: "Today, the trophy list of Hustle Kings has been revealed to the big public. The list has a value of 5 bronze, 5 silver and 1 gold"

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GodsHand3221d ago

Luck is an Art – Beat someone else who has this trophy. (silver)

So how did the first person get this?

monkey nuts3221d ago

I'd think its sorta like the trophy 6 degrees of separation of the game I can't quite remember. Basically the devs will have the trophy to start with and if you play them or some one who has played them, or someone who played someone else who played them (etc) then you'll get it. Get it? I don't......

GodsHand3221d ago

I guess your saying like the one from Boarderlands: And they will tell two friends (silver). Play with someone from Gearbox, or someone with this trophy.

It should read like that, from the Hustle Kings.