Killzone 2 Receiving The Credit It Deserves

With many FPS fans puzzled by the absence of KILLZONE 2 as a Game Of The Year nominee at the recent VGA's, it seemed quite apparent that our beloved video game industry has become a popularity contest fueled by hype. With so many influential video game networks and individuals on VGA's panel of voters, it's truly difficult - if not impossible - to know who voted for what game. However, we are now beginning to see the cream rise to the top.

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WildArmed3222d ago

Aye. If you release games early into the year, it's easy to forget them when GoTY awards come around.

Glad to see k2 get wat it deserves

deadreckoning6663221d ago

I played KZ2 again yesterday after 5 months and it's like I just bought a new PS3 game. I forgot how amazingly chaotic the matches can get. In Radec Academy, the buildings litetally shake when lots of action goes on and when u throw grenades bodies FLY. Its so awesome.
I'm not buying another FPS until KZ3 comes out.

bruddahmanmatt3221d ago

KZ2 does not get enough credit. The single player story was forgettable but the MP is like no other. I've played my share of FPSs and I absolutely love the slower, more tactical feel of KZ2. It's a great change of pace when you're looking to switch it up from circle shooters like R2 and Blitzkrieg squad games like Battlefield.

MrJack3221d ago

So many reviewers went out of their way to nitpick KZ2, and still it came out as a AAA game.

In terms of innovation, realism, graphics and overall gameplay I can't think of another shooter that tops it.

sikbeta3221d ago

After all the bashing and the unbelievable hate against this game started by the whole "Gaming media" and the fanboys

This Game is Awesome, not perfect but really Amazing, from the Wonderful Graphics to the Immense Action and only a blind fanboy can deny that

Hopefully KZ3 will not be treated like [email protected] and everyone give it try before talking BAD about this Franchise

DatNJDom813221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Killzone 2: Best shooter of 2009. Only complain I have of that game is the story. I have to agree that Modern Warfare 2 had a more engaging story, although it was shorter. The length of MW2 story is just a crime. But as far as multiplayer, technicals and such, noone touched Killzone 2. To think its only gonna get better.

Fox013221d ago

Bu-bu-but the media is biased against my PS3.

Blitzed3221d ago

I've been thinking the same thing. I bought MW2 and I enjoy it, but it doesn't imerse you in the intesity of battle the way KZ2 does. It really doesn't get the credit it deserves for pushing the genre.

cmrbe3221d ago

KZ2 SP is not forgettable for me personally. It's not stellar but just as good as any other top FPS SP out there.

What KZ2 managed to create is War Prefected. KZ2 SP is the most intense war game i have played. Those who finished it on elite knows what i am talking about.

Ju3221d ago

I beat Radec 5 times or so, but I just can't beat him on Elite (and then I had to give my PS3 away - and had to start over again, on normal to unlock Elite, and then some. That's where I am now. Goes a bit slow this time around...). I kneel before everybody who beats that bastard in Elite...

Kassanova073221d ago

I need a few more ribbons for the platinum. OT justice served!

Blitzed3221d ago

Try lighting him up with the flamethrower.

MastaMold3221d ago

KZ2 great game one of my fav's this Gen, most intense FPS i have played crazy :)

ReservoirDog3163221d ago

Well, it's not an alien thought that if you release something a year before the awards, you're gonna get overlooked. It's the same for movies. Only movie that still got the Best Picture oscar that was released at the beginning of the year was Silence of the Lambs (I personally don't think it deserved it but I digress). It's all a big popularity contest.

Honestly, I loved Killzone 2. The reason it isn't on my top 5 is cause the story sucked. You can argue backstory but the story presented sucked. The only reason I'm not still playing the mp is cause my friends didn't like it but I loved it and I'm usually indifferent to mp.

And I got mw2 used. CoD4's story was better in every way possible. But mw2's story was a joke. MP's fun but the only reason I'm still playing it's cause my friend likes it.

cmrbe3221d ago

The key with Redec for me is keep moving and shooting him. Use Rico as a diversion to shoot Redec and to recover so keep Rico up his feet as much as possible.

Redec is actually easy compare to the Vasari Palace base and the waves of helgast before you go toe to toe with Redec.

badz1493221d ago

although I haven't played on Elite, I think the swarms of Helghast are harder than that bastard! even on normal, I died many times just to clear them all up and once 1-on-1 with Radec (actually 2-on-1 but Rico keep falling and trying to revive him is kinda annoying as fighting Radec upstairs is way easier!) he's not that tough! I find the battle on the train is the hardest part where I died the most! I'm going back to KZ2 once I've finished GoW collection and R&C ACiT! but KZ2 is nonetheless the BEST FPS this year bar none!

boodybandit3221d ago

is why I think KZ2 is being over looked. It came out too early year.
I had a blast with the game and still have it in my library. I usually trade or sell my games once I get bored with them but I kept it because GG amazed me with what an incredible job they did with this game considering all the scrutiny they were under before it even launched.

I am really looking forward to see what they can do with KZ3 now that they are familiar with the PS3 architecture.

Nikuma3221d ago

The key to beating Radec on Elite is all in the knife baby.

Ravage273221d ago

the amount of bullsh%t GG had to endure throughout its development and especially after it's release is mindboggling.

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chidori6663222d ago

yeha,, but the media pathetic prefer the generic unrealistic controls of mw2..

crazyturkey3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Remember Gears of War 2? Remember how good the reviews were, yet in none of the reviews I saw did they mention that the game had really bad problems while playing online, same with MW2...(PS3 version mostly).

In the other hand if Killzone 2 would have had any problem online all of them would have exaggerated it, to make it seem like the game was completely unplayable. Even then, they made a huge deal because the controls were different than CoD4's controls. Now most off them want to forget about it, because of the embarrassment that the game caused them.

deadreckoning6663221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"yeha,, but the media pathetic prefer the generic unrealistic controls of mw2.."

So according to your logic anyone that has a different opinion than yours is pathetic????

Whats wrong with liking unrealistic controls?? Its a VI-DEO-GAME ignoramus, its not SUPPOSED to be real its supposed to be FUN. When did IW say they were aiming to make the most REALISTIC FPS ever???

Some people prefer MW2
Some people prefer KZ2(Me)
Some people prefer Halo 3

Trying to deterime which one is better is useless and idiotic. Why can't you just enjoy KZ2 and shut ur mouth? If the media prefers one game over another then thats their CHOICE.

unrealgamer583222d ago

killzone kicks significant ass so it deserves it

jerethdagryphon3221d ago

i can take radec down in 8 minites on elite if you can get me to his part past his goons

im really stuk on visari square on elite

kneon3221d ago

that's where I'm stuck as well right now so I'm taking a break and gathering up the rest of my ribbons and medals on MP

ape0073222d ago

is one of those sequels which elevate the franchise from a decent game to MUST HAVE

kz2 is a wonderful games indeed and you should get it

but I still like mw better,that's my opinion guys

Shadowolf3222d ago

It is totally understandable to like MW2 better than KZ2, it is definitely a matter of preference. We are all entitled to our opinions and yours is definitely respected. Great post!

Bnet3433221d ago

Yeah me too, I have Killzone 2, but I like MW2's pace much better.

Oner3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Every gamer won't like every game...but real gamers will/should give props to every game that deserves it ~ especially ones that push the bleeding edge of technology (even at the risk of failing).

I for one couldn't get over the input lag that KZ2 had in the beginning. And voiced my opinion duly so...actually even added an article or 2 about the issue right here on N4G! Does that mean I "hated" KZ2? Nope - not at all (though MANY believed/assumed otherwise). The fact is I was actually crushed that I could not enjoy the game in the way that I had such high hopes for! But I ALWAYS gave it props for what it did & brought to the table for the genre.

I guess being spoiled to how other amazing FPS's were on PC (CS, AvP's, DoD, Tribes etc) I expected it to be the same...I blame the damned mouse and keyboard for that ;) but I really have to borrow it and pick it up again since last I played it at my boys house it REALLY improved with the patch.

Cenobia3221d ago

I like everything about KZ2 better, except the story. Although I haven't finished MW2 (it seems to get more unbelievable every level), I really loved the the first story.

KZ2 has everything except a really enthralling story. They should have addressed the fact that you're now the 'evil' side. It's the same problem that Gears had in my opinion. You play as guys that will shoot whatever no matter what, but the fact that you are actually the invaders, and therefore "the bad guys" is never really addressed.

Both games also end with a boss fight between you and a totally inconsequential antagonist.

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Solans Scott3222d ago

and it's good to see the game getting the praise it deserves. The graphics were beautiful and the multiplayer was outstanding. I will definitely pick up the sequel whenever it comes out.

badz1493221d ago

the graphic IS still beautiful (up there among the best on the market!) and the MP also IS still outstanding! it's WAR, PERFECTED!

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