360 Disc Scratching: What's the Big Deal

Around the launch of Xbox 360, reports came in of unlucky gamers discovering scratches on their game discs. Thing is, outside of the odd technical failing, they weren't that mysterious; moving an Xbox 360 while it's accessing a disc results in a bunch of scary sounding noises emitting from the machine before it spits out a severely scratched and possibly unplayable game disc. Microsoft never said much about the issue, instead asking gamers experiencing hardware issues to send in their machines for a check up.

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SuperSaiyan44742d ago

An online friend in Rainbow 6 vegas went back to the dashboard after playing, ejected the disc and it had put a nice circle right around the disc.
She showed me on Live what it had done and she didnt even touch or move the console whilst it was playing the game!!

The thing is Microsoft are using different companies for the DVD drive...Again like last next gen and the 3 or 4 companies they use have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are loud and some are queiter and some operate better.

Oh and 1 or 2 of them even have the shock absorbing pads inside to stop the disc hitting the laser causing the scratches!

To me Microsoft come across as a 'lazy' company if something is just about working to them its perfectly fine.

Not once have they even said 'Yes we are aware that the 360 has an issue with having red lights and are looking into the problem'

Instead its ALWAYS the USERS fault its never THEIR fault.

Caxtus7504742d ago

The only time I have ruined a game is when i moved my 360 with it.

Ofcourse, you wont get a replacement from MS saying "the game just scratched without even moving" sounds better.

just my opinion.

dantesparda4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Wait a second, aint you (@ SuperSaiyan) a big 360 fanboy? well im impressed to see you actually come out and admit that. This is what im talking about. You can love your system (well, personally i dont think you should be loving a system, but anyways), and still admit that its not perfect. And admit its problems. I personally think that the Red of Death, is quite possibly the worst, if not amongst the worst problems, ever in consoles history. I mean come on, $420 (tax) for only 1 yr and 6 months worth of play? Come on, thats a rip off! And now im expected to pay them another $70 for the repiars!? Come on! And i have been on the phone battling it out with them (MS), but to no avail. Most of the Supervisors (which are all Indian btw) have agreed with me, that i shouldnt have to pay for it and that its the systems fault and that if it was up to them, they would repair it for me for free. But unfornately, the Americans wont let them. The option is not available in their computers. And what's even more funny is how they act when i tell them i wanna cancel my Xbox Live subscription, they literally try and talk me into not doing it, and tell me to think about it first. what the hell do i need Xbox Live for if i dont have a working 360? And i dont know if i'ma fix it or just say fvck it.

Between this and Sony not fixing the bad drives til they lost a Class Action lawsuit, i am just disgusted by these companies politics. People wake up and stop tolerating this sh!t

Shadow Flare4742d ago

Microsoft, the xbox 360 is a badly made machine. Just admit it

predator4742d ago

no1 is playin the ps3 maybe thats y? haha j/k

marionz4742d ago

and thats no scratches, no failures and no problem with the console at all since i bought thirteen mths ago

my experience has been awesome!

MaximusPrime4742d ago

When i have Playstation 2, all my discs are scratch free.

When i had Xbox, half of my discs were scratched.
When i had xbox 360, 90% of my discs were scratched. It started on my first day of owning the console.

Now i have PS3, after 3 months, all my discs are scratch free.

All of these console discs are always protected. I put them in the game boxes.

DrRage774742d ago

i have had ZERO problems with my luanch xbox360 (December 18,2005). it seems a majority of the people that have had disk read problems (from the forums i read up on and on xboxlive) get that problem when they move their console while it is turned on. if peope move their console while it is on, then what do they really expect? i never had a disk scratched on the original xbox or on my xbox360. would you move your computer while you are playing a cd or dvd or while it is burning a dvd? it makes no sense to move a console when it is turned on and when the disc is spinning at 7200rpm!

Siesser4742d ago

I'm not going to deny that they shouldn't have been moving it, but EVERY SINGLE disc playing device I've ever owned, I've moved at least once while something was in it, be it a CD-Walkman, my computer, my ps2, my ps3, my dvd player, or my xbox1. It just never occurs to me that moving it (note: I don't me shaking it up and down or jerking it around, just relocating it) might scratch something inside. Because it never has before.

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kornbeaner4742d ago

ALmost all of my co-worker have had this problem with their 360.

Sometime just for playing the game in excess. Or if they move the 360 while off and then turn it back on with the game still in it, like the game gets knocked off the tray and spins off it for the first couple hurdred spins.

who knows but it does occur.

Andres4742d ago

I had my xbox for about 18 months.. it has broken twice. The last time it happened was a month ago. I've sent the console to the repaircentre.. and I still haven't got it back :s. I've phoned the helpdesk.. but they tell me.. i just have to wait. I'm so angry!! I also own a PS3.. it's wel constructed and ooooooooooh so quiet :o!... But for the moment there aren't any good games on it :s. I want my 360 back please... one that works that is!!!

Marty83704742d ago

You buy a game that cost £40-50 you don't want it scratched, think about it. PS3 has no such problem cos Blu-ray has a scratch resistant layer.

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