1up previews NHL 08

EA's NHL 07 shocked and awed when it debuted its skill stick last season (considered the first true next-gen sports innovation), but the game shot wide with its 30 frames per second visuals that made the whole thing feel a bit choppy. The 60 frames per second early version of NHL 08 we saw recently is missing most of the chop and jerk that held 07 back from being a sports game of the year contender. Canadians and the 1,857 U.S. hockey fans can now rejoice!
Beyond the framerate doubling, the NHL developers have three goals for 08 going forward: advance the skill stick, add depth, and improve the core mechanics (skating, AI, checking).

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PS360PCROCKS4739d ago

1up your lame "and the 1,857 U.S. hockey fans can now rejoice!" are you serious? In Colorado hockey is one of the biggest sports and we have competitive teams in all sports...we sold out every home game for the Avalanche for like 7 years straight til the lockout screwed us and we lost EVERYONE! and the games are still always full...idiots...that line made me not even want to read their writing, I will read IGN's report as it should be soon as well.