Another Wii Game To Avoid

GWN just previewed Call for Heroes, an upcoming Wii game published by Strategy First, and let me tell you now - it ain't pretty. The previewer says "I still don't understand how they managed to get this game published on the Wii."

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ITR4733d ago

So it's only 19.99?

codeazrael4733d ago

More and more third pary games are going to start to not take full advantage of the wiimote and thus more and more games will use the snes style controller or if the wiimote is used, it's use will be very limited, and sales will start to drop. Then the third party developers go away, and then you are left with the first party, and we all know how often zelda, mario and other nintendo games come out. And the wii will be in the same boat as the gamecube and the n64.....a failure

TheMART4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

And that's what I am saying constantly.

There isn't so much to own a Wii for, if you buy it as the only console in your house. The content just isn't there. Its fun for Sports, with friends and a beer. Zelda is fine, Mario will be good. But that's about it. If you really like gaming there is no other way then to go 360 or Wii60, but a Wii alone will create a wear-out effect in no time.

That's why hardware sales won't last at this high rate so long anymore. People will start to get bored

@ Wolfgang (below)

I know dude, I know. The question is though: are these people happy with what they bought, is there a wear-out effect, what will they tell others about the product?

They bought it for the new controller. And after that they are dissapointed in the games. Like we read here again. How long can the hype stay alive if there is nothing to fuel it???

The only thing that keeps it selling is the low price now, but as soon as the 360 core gets on 199 Euro, the Vision cam picks up on motion sensing by body control big time, who still wants the Wii???

wolfgang4733d ago

At lot of people (including you ?, I can't check all your comments you have too many) said that, that the wii was a gimmick and it would only last a short time.

So back at launch they said give it a month and it will start collecting dust on the shelves.

Then it was give it two months..

Then a little bit more...

Now its mid-june, people are still making line in front of the ebgame games in hope of scoring a wii when the store receive its stocks. In a few months we'll see november/december christmas time increase the general video game demand...

Its not a first choice for hardcore gamers, but its a first choice for a lot of people (and a second/third choice for a lot of others).

PS360WII4733d ago

I'll be looking into this game for sure!

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The story is too old to be commented.