2 million PS3 owners in France

Sony Computer Entertainment France (SCEF) announced today that it sold 2 million PlayStation3 consoles since its launch in late March 2007 (source GKF *).

Since March 23, 2007, when the launch of the PlayStation3, it has sold nearly 2 times more than PlayStation 3 X Box 360 and the gap combined sales exceed 400 000 units (**).

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SasanovaS19873221d ago

now you need 2 in spain, italy, germany, and england...and we are in business...not that u arnt, but still

darthv723221d ago

does this mean that the ps3 is ahead by 400k units or behind the 360?

Simon_Brezhnev3221d ago

if this was NPD number this story would be 1000°

creeping judas3221d ago

That comment made me chuckle.
But I guess the 3 who disagreed with you don't know too much about history!!

Thanks for the laugh!!!

raztad3221d ago

Well the French had Napoleon and almost conquered the world. For some strange reason they got "lazy" at some point the last century.

Clearly French love the PS3, they dont mind to be conquered by it :) Very good numbers.

sikbeta3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Or maybe someone feel offended by that

I doesn't matter, the important thing is that 2 million French PS3 owners made the Right Choice and many more are going to do the same, sure they love the Console that Only Does Everything

Gamers FTW!!!

NYC_Gamer3221d ago

PS3 will soon be leaving that dvd player way behind....

redsquad3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

We just need that tosspot Rocco Siffredi to come in now and say the "French are idiots who don't matter" like he did for the Japanese. Ignorant pig.

Shane Kim3221d ago

I'm telling you, except for Scandinavia (we love american d!ck) EU don't even touch that xbox 360 with a sh!tty broom.

EU wants quality, that's why we buy PS3's.

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