PlayStation Home: 1 year later

NextGN writes: "PlayStation Home on the PS3 is anything but the place you want to lay your hat. It seems to hold only empty promises and takes far too long to load up. A year on, what is new in PlayStation Home? Is it worth checking out? Are you missing out on a great free feature on your system?"

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iambenk3224d ago

People tend to forget, PlayStation Home is still in Beta.

Personally, I think you get out of Home what you put into it. There are loads of community events and ways of interacting with other gamers - if that's what you want to do. I don't find myself too interested in interacting with people not on my friends list - so I spend most of my time playing the mini-games, etc.

I think the new Sodium space is a huge step in the right direction for home.

Sure there's a lot in Home we'd like to see, but I don't see how anyone can complain or bemoan home because we still don't have TVs, etc - it's a free app...

RedDragan3224d ago

Totally agree.

The journo must suck at bowling because everybody feels good when beating the other players in that game.

Jerk1203223d ago

The first post on the Gamer Zone pretty much summed up 1 year later.


NotSoSilentBob3223d ago

I've always found it funny how people say HOME needs to be Integrated with the XMB, Yet they are usually the same people that Claim Home needs to Load faster/not at all. I personally have loved the Way Home has progressed over this past year and am extremely excited to find out what happens in its 2cd year.