AVault: Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review


"I was never a Van Halen fan, although I did like their music and Diamond Dave's on-stage histrionics (replacing him with Sammy Hagar might've made them a better band, but they were not nearly as much fun to watch). But after twice playing through Guitar Hero: Van Halen's career mode, I'm struck by how much alike almost all of their songs are. This same sameness carries through to the game itself, which makes no attempt to distinguish itself from what has come before it. I suppose giving the game away three months early as a rebate for the purchase of GH5 should've been the first clue that GHVH was not going to be a critical darling. Red Octane and Activision would probably have been better served by releasing these Van Halen songs as Guitar Hero DLC instead of giving it the stand-alone game treatment."

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