New Wii Game Capucine

Capucine is an exploration / adventure game, formulated as a tale and based on shadow and light opposition.

This game takes place in a fantastic universe where everything is dead. The player controls a child who holds a "capucine". This flower enables her to survive in this desolated world.

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fuckface4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Sounds kind of cool. And with a 'very unique art style,' who cares about photo-realistic graphics!

From the website:

Capucine is based on four fundamental principles:
Give life rather than take it.
A unique gameplay element: the beam of light.
Build your own path.
The player creates his own enemies.

put that in your FPS and smoke it!

Qbanj694242d ago

Maybe if the picture was taken at a tv while playing zelda 64 or something.

_insane_cobra4242d ago

Looks simplistic, interesting and, uh, ugly. But hey, good to see another adventure game being made.

PS360WII4242d ago

A lot of new IP's out there. Kind of a nice feeling