Final Fantasy I: A Legend Reborn

Now for the changes that this superior PSP version will offer fans of the series. The game is now placed in new presentation of 16:9 to take advantage of the PSP widescreen setup. Outside of the new view of the game the games graphics and character sprite art has received a huge make over.

Veterans of this title will feel nostalgic when playing the game again and seeing their memorable boss battles in these new enhanced graphics and only then truly appreciate the work that Square Enix has done to make this anniversary edition special for gamers.

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ericnellie4238d ago

I guess this means I'll finally have to break down and buy a PSP;)

GamerMan4237d ago

Yeah I am definitely all over this game... Looks like it's back to not being able to sleep at night cause I'm too busy playing the PSP in bed when i should be sleeping lol

sumfood4u4237d ago

Still waiting on FFT for the PSP but this will do for now!

omansteveo4237d ago

but only when the new PSP slim comes out