America's Army Invades Xbox 360

Red Storm brings the next installment of the Army's official videogame exclusively to 360.

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NextGen24Gamer4739d ago

Sony is a massive company and won't go down easy. But all the AAA exclusives helps Microsoft stay competitive this next generation. It will only improve the gaming industry as a whole. I'm waiting to see the financial reports for this last quarter. I'm curious if MS hit their 12 million mark or if they surpassed it.

Mikey_Gee4738d ago

Like it is online for the PC ??

Or at least dirt cheap .

I don't mind buying games, but when they are free for PC, I will not pay $70 CDN for it.

NextGen24Gamer4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

And that is surely your choice. Break the Law to play games on your computer in front of your monitor. But PC/360 games continue to sell more on the 360 than the PC. There is a huge market of consumers who don't steal games and would rather play the exclusive 360 version with Full Surround sound and play it in the comforts of their living room on their HD Tv's. 720p/1080i/ or like me 1080p.

You say you don't mind buying games. But then you go on to say that you steal games. Hypicritical if you ask me. Thank goodness not everyone in the world is like you. People like you hurt the industry for your own cheap selfish reasons.

And while you are cheap enough to steal games to play for free.....You have to spend 500 to 600 dollars every time a new video card or duel processor is released just to sit in front of your monitor with your keyboard and mouse to play games.

Persoanlly I think you are BS. You most likley don't have the type of computer to run the game to begin with...You most likely don't even have a 360...

I only come to this presumption, because of your statement. I may be wrong. But you sound funny to me. Why play burned games, which hurts developers and publishers....when you supposively have the type of computer to run the game?

Once again....while there are people like you in the world....thank Goddness there are more people unlike you and they are honest people who purchase games...whether it be for their PC or their 360...its a personal preference. Me, I have high end computers and 360's....Some games I prefer on my 360 and others on my computer. But not everyone has the kind of money it takes to keep upgrading their computers...and not everyone enjoys sitting at their computer desk to play video games. For those millions of people...the xbox 360 is absolutely perfect. How U doin? lol

P.S. If indeed its the exact game as the recruiting tool on the PC for free. I apologize. It just bothers me when people burn and steal games on PC. I'm a producer myself and there is nothing worse than people who do that and take moeny out of our pockets. Though with me, I produce music...but its all the same. SO once again...if indeed its the exact same game....I apologize.

Fart_Bubbles4738d ago

AA has always been free on the PC, and this obviously shows who the army thinks is dumber than a box of rocks, noe other than 360 fans, you do know that the game is a recruitment tool don't you??

score well in combat and they will come calling, have fun in Iraq genius.

sak5004738d ago

Man u really jumped on the poor mikey. As the poster above me said, the game is free d/l for the pc as its a promotional tool developed for/by the american's army. Long time back i d/l it and tried it but its nothing compared to BF series.

I dont know if they'll make it free but if they want to charge then it should not be more than $20.

Motion4738d ago

I'm so glad other people called you out on your hissy fit...
Personally, I love pirating completely free games...brilliant.

Macdory4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

EliteGamer ... all I can imagine is that your pet budgie log into N4G and type out those two appaling posts above ... nobody with that many bubbles would surely put down on a board ill informed garbage, and then go on to kick someone and accuse them of pirating games ...

1st point ... MS needs all these exclusives to stay competitive ... correct me if I am wrong, but aren't Sony trying to play catch up? They are late to the party, and their hardware is costly ... I would suggest that Sony need to keep a few of their exclusives to encourage more people to invest.

2nd Point ... as has already been pointed out - this game is free to download. I'm not sure where you get off having a rant at someone regarding something you obviously know nothing about.

Have a nice day !

Mikey_Gee4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Thanks to above posters who called Elite on exactly what I will point out below.

Elite ...You fricken idiot .... wow ... what a waste of typing and ranting. I DO BUY ALL MY GAMES .. PC, 360 etc etc etc ...

Like me you say .... like me ........ buddy, you don't even know me so don't be so quick to jump to conclusions, Karma is a b!tch !!!

As has been said before ... THE GAME IS "F-R-E-E" from the actual AA site and yes, it is a recruiting tool and yes, it is a cool game.

Soooooooo, as I said before ... when I can get it LEGAL and LEGIT "FOR FREE" I will not pay a premium to play it on my 360 when my MORE THAN CAPABLE PC already has it on it and runs full boar balls to the wall all out.

SO as my title says ... perhaps you should get a nice big glass of water, take back all the snarky [email protected] you said about me (since you don't know me from a hole in the wall) and get a life !!!

And same goes for the lame aZZ that agreed with you about me. And yes, I am assuming it will be the exact same game. If not, it will still have to be a boat load differenct to convince not only me, but other who play on multiple platforms to buy it.(and by not buy it for the 360 I mean will not have it at all) I come to the board and add CONTRUCTIVE comments and keep in the GREY area and out of the FANBOY area to not start any issues. And now I have to deal with these types of comments .... WOW .... all I can say !!!!!


I love my 360 and do 95% of my games playing on it and my 61" 1080p HDTV. So once again, thanks for casting WRONG JUDGEMENT ON ME when you don't know me from a hole in the ground. I agree with what you said about pirates, but my friend, you were WAY TO FAST to point the gun and pull the trigger in my direction. Good luck in the future with your anger issues.

AND GIVE ME BACK MY BUBBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Power in the wrong hands is not good.

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Diselage4738d ago

I'm sure it's going to be pretty cheap, probably something like 20 or 30 bucks. The Army likes to use it as a recruiting tool so they want as many people as possible to have it.

Morbius4204738d ago

It was basicly a recruiting tool and therefore it was a free download. Only the console versions cost money so he's not talking about stealing.

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