Call of Duty MMO or Future Warfare?

With Modern Warfare 2 breaking world records, Activision has brought in a third developer for a future Call of Duty project. It's not Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare series or Treyarch's World at War games; It's something new.

Activision has made it public that they are no considering a Call of Duty MMO, but could it be a third series of Call of Duty games based in the future? Call of Duty: Future Warfare?

Or are they moving forward with Call of Duty Online?

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BadboyCivic3603225d ago

they need to fix MW2 first,turbo glitch anybody?

zeeshan3225d ago

Glitch of Duty: Modern Patchware

Letros3226d ago

Not sure this company needs another Cash Cow MMO, although Kotick would argue.

RockmanII73226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Can't be a fps because it would hurt IW/Treyarch sales. Maybe MMO or pull a Halo and make a RTS.

- Edit -
Just thought of it. They will make the DS/PSP/iPhone CoD games.

Polluted3225d ago

There's no reason it would have to hurt anyone's sales. They could just extend everyone's dev cycles to 3 years instead of 2 and have 3 teams making normal CoD games.

EpicGamerSwordsman3225d ago

Activsion are Money Hungry Whores anyways. So i wouldnt be Suprised if they released a MMO.

3225d ago
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