12 Minutes of Direct Mass Effect 2 Gamelay

Take an exclusive look at 12 minutes of gameplay direct from Mass Effect 2!, including a tour of the new normandy and more!!!

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N4PS3G3226d ago

:O :O :O :O

The New Normandy Rocks!! This game is going to be amazing!

littletad3226d ago

But, I kinda wish they would stop with the preview videos. There's literally one or two every week. Preserve some of the anticipation you know.

Bungie3225d ago

lol you can go to girls bathroom

da new Normandy looks Hawt

happyface3225d ago

whats the word on ps3 version? sony fans demand this game

Saaking3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Wow, they really expanded on the first game and it looks great.


LOL, Sony fans don't "demand" this game. Sure, many of us would like it, but you can always get it on PC or 360. Besides, Sony has a LOT more exclusives coming out the first half. There's more than enough to keep PS3 fans happy.

we won3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

They get one but they have to sit at their desks to play it.

EDIT just watched the HD version. WoW looks amazing and this is a RPG.

N4PS3G3225d ago

a LOT more exclusives?

MAG..Heavy Rain..GOW3..?

Splinter Cell , Mass Effect 2 , Alan Wake , Crackdown 2 , Halo Reach Beta ?

Really? ps3 has a LOT more exclusives coming first half of 2010?

3225d ago
RockmanII73225d ago

@ N4PS3G

A Beta isn't a exclusive

@ Madden 10

Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn't coming out 1st half of 2010

360 and PS3 will have a great 2010, now shut up and play a game you haven't touched in a while (Started playing Bioshock again and having a great time).

borgome3224d ago

Sorry SackofBalls, Sony's exclusives for 2010 look horrid. 360's exclusives for 2010 destroy Sony's. Nothing but Japanese RPGs and hack and slash for Sony.

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we won3225d ago

Just a few more weeks.

we won3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

OK, 4 more weeks? you bandits ;)

New flesh textures FTW

ASSASSYN 36o3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Gamelay! Really! I am so excited for Gamelay. Poor approval screening.

cyclindk3225d ago

Normandy core remind anyone else of Sphere?

ps3hasnogamess3225d ago

mass efect 2= win in 2010

heavy rain= big flop in 2010


MAYTR1X3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

The Host of the show was so fu<k!n bored, look at his face & expression. Nothing was excited or new in the gameplay & all that pausing & switching ammo is lame. The damn graphics still look like XBOX 1 games.
No lies GOD OF WAR Remix HD on Blu-Ray has better graphics, Uncharted 1 has better graphics, come on SH!TBOX do better than that. Like u guys are waiting for this & its still the same sh!t like the last 1. PS3 don't need this low level of display on Blu-Ray keep your garbage. Like seriously this is wack.

This game looks FU<K!N BORING, I'm being honest!!!!!

& keep Lost Planet 2 also, that game is sh!t, played the demo. It was the worst usage for my internet bandwidth downloading it that demo just made my purchase decision. Thank god they gave a demo to show why not to buy it.. Keep that sh!t on the SH!TBOX 2..

Tr10wn3224d ago

The host of the show is 16 years old and im 100% sure that he has more future than you hes hosting a show in Gamespot the #1 gaming site in US not N4G a fanboy based site.

And mate you are being jealous.

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