ResumePlay: Five Games Collecting Dust That Shouldn't Be

Resumeplay writes, "In light of the rapidly approaching holidays and shopping seasons, I decided to compile a list of five games collecting dust on gamer's shelves (mine specifically) that aren't getting played anymore, even though their quality warrants it. It's worth saying that this list, as with any "top five" list, is completely objective; if you have any other suggestions, post them in the comments for readers to consider. That said, it's my opinion that these games are not only quality representatives in terms of story and mechanics, but that they often warrant multiple playthroughs. A lot of times, we set these games aside after beating them once (maybe twice on a harder difficulty) and move on to the next hot ticket."

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CheatsMcGee3221d ago

I looooooooooooooovvvveeee Mass Effect. The only reason that I'm not playing it right now is getting my file ready for the second game. After playing for a week straight, almost constantly, you get a bit worn out. =P

mau643221d ago

I thought mass effect was meh, but I couldn't really get into it that much. should probably try to pick it up again.

brandynevils3218d ago

I haven't finished mass effect game all the way yet, but I have helped my roommate beat it. It's so amazing, I really do love the storyline, the game play, and everything. And it's pretty awesome that it all carries over to Mass Effect 2.

And before MW2 came out, I spent a retarded amount of time re-working and playing COD4.

rogue06743221d ago

I love TF2 and Portal. The orangebox will always have my heart.

mau643221d ago

orange box is so full of great content... love Half Life.

brandynevils3218d ago

Agree on this to Matt, another super awesome game that I feel like I will never get tired of.

VenerableBmoney3221d ago

Agreed, agreed, agreed. I took my own advice and decided to start Mass Effect again. It'll be a hell of a review for the sequel, Cheats.

BeckyWagner3221d ago

If I personally had to put a "dusty" game on a list of this sort...I would have added Lego Indiana Jones. But that's just me....I love that game! :)

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