10 Most Overhyped Games of 2009

Joystick Division writes: "Hype is a funny thing. It can refer to the amount of chatter in the gaming community about a game, the amount of praise heaped upon it by the gaming press, or the amount of marketing support it receives from its publisher. However you define it, hype is everywhere in the gaming world. However, sometimes a game can't live up to its own hype, like these ten games here. None of them are bad games, but for various reasons none of them lived up to either the sales or quality expectations created by the massive amounts of hype they received. "

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markfrost3924d ago

I only bought ODST because my Halo 3 disc had broken a few weeks before its release. I played the actual ODST content for about 7 hours on launch day and haven't had the desire to touch it since. Disappointing to the max.

Kainewynd23924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

EDIT: Hmm... this was supposed to be a response to the second comment, not the first... weird.

I'm not saying there aren't major issues with the game, but the list seems to be based a lot on gross sales, not necessarily game integrity/polish.

I mean, most of the games on the list fail to sell even 1 million games... in the first weekend MW2 sold 4 million. Over Hyped? Yes. Was it a flop? No.

Perhaps the article title should have read: "10 Most Over Marketed Flops in 2009"

Saaking3923d ago

ModernWarfare 2, Forza 3, and Halo 3 ODST should all be at the very top. All three were hyped tremendously, but were a big disappointment.

GWAVE3923d ago

I don't see how Killzone 2 didn't live up to the hype...unless you are counting the sales hype that some fans assigned to it.

Oh wait. The media taking what fans say and chalking it up as "Sony's hype" is part of the Killzone pedigree, since it was the media/fans, NOT Sony who labeled the first Killzone as a "Halo killer".

This just further shows that the media would rather continue to bash KZ2 and/or forget it ever existed instead of (rightly) admitting that they were dead wrong with all of their pre-launch doom and gloom.

7ero H3LL3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

i don't know what to categorize "overhype" as.

a developer marketing a game as if it's going to sell millions.

a fanbase preaching about a game that it's going to sell millions.

a developer marketing a game as if it's going to be AAA.

a fanbase preaching about a game that it's going to be AAA.

a developer and a fanbase preaching that it's going to be AAA and sell millions.

a game receiving lots of AAA Ratings and selling millions but to a groop of people don't see it worth the AAA or the the money.

a developer and a fanbase preaching that it's going to set new standards and brake records.

.....i don't know which one is overhype?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

@ 1.4

lolz, killzone2 is #1, #2, and #7, so it has every right to be there :)

modern warfare2 is just number 6, which isn't overhype by the way, so it's right that it shouldn't be there.

MmaFanQc3923d ago

djhero was FAR to be overhyped

did poor sales and was a great underdog.

goflyakite3923d ago

MW2 belongs in this list.
[MW2 owner]

we won3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

#1 should be Killzone 2 because it was hyped for Years as the 2nd coming. Your attempt to bring 360 games into this is laughable at best. Sigma and Uncharted 2 should be up at top of the list. The 360 games were talked about from E3 to their release dates a few months later. Nothing compared to being hyped as the 2nd coming for years.

TheBand1t3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

But your opinion doesn't mean much Why Dis, so...yeah.

Therein lies the problem. Was it a flop in retail or a flop in reviews? The majority of the hype was done on the internet. If you asked anyone outside of the 'net what Killzone 2 was, most wouldn't know. (Kinda like Natal, huh?) And Sony's lousy advertising certainly didn't help matters. But even then, 2.13 million sales solely on internet hype was pretty good.

Review wise? Hell no it didn't flop. 91 average on Meta.

Think about it, Why Dis/Really duh/I did not murder him/power of Green/The 1/CoolirisGB/Jordan Two Delta. (And if I'm a multiaccount user, why not compare GWAVE's, Antan's, and Saaking's trophies to mine? Surely you don't actually believe that I'd sit around for hours getting trohpies in MUTLIPLE PSNs?)

You only bother me because you stick out like a sore thumb everytime you make a new account, and then try to play innocent. You type in the SAME EXACT WAY and say the SAME EXACT THINGS and always play the victim whenever someone calls you out. Tell me, do I run around calling EVERY 360 fanboy on this site you? Hell no. I only call YOU out because it's blatantly obvious who you are.

we won3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Sure it does Antan. I think my opinion means a lot, all of your accounts and plenty of other fanboys sure are attracted to my opinion as if waiting for me to give it, so it can be countered lol.

A game hyped for 5 years as the best, only to flop, some how is not as far up the list as games being deemed hyped because of their names lol. The Jack Black game was #1? lol WTF!
Uncharted is a flop not worth playing after you beat it. Sigma was hyped to no end because it was a lost exclusive and it flopped hard.

My opinion matters because you can't stop replying to my comments. My opinion matter so much you get personal and my opinion emotionally bothers you. That is why you get hot and bothered and you show it every chance you get.

Give me a break Saaking/Antan/Gwave/Pirate tom/Microsoft xbox 360/Canadianguy420/GreyWulf

TheBand1t3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

So, how would you know who Canadianguy420 is if he hasn't signed in for 14 days? Your account only joined 7 days ago. Hmmmmm.....

Telling me to get a life. That's the funniest thing I've read all day. Pot calling the kettle black.....

Way to avoid the question. If he has not signed in for 14 days, how would you know who it is? I mean, since you're a NEW USER who joined 7 days ago (or so we'd be lead to believe).

Again, dodging the question....

we won3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

This is the second time you have come at me with this mythical Whydis and the other fanboys you're obsessed with. Sounds like you need something in your life, stop hunting these legendary phantoms and stay on topic.


Funny guy. Get a life man.

Captain Planet3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Both of you shut the hell up.

Remember, the POWER IS YOURS!

Anon19743923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Killzone 2, in my opinion and the opinion of the majority of games reviewers out there delivered in every way. The single player was excellent, the multiplayer was a welcome break from everyone trying to clone Modern Warfare and there's no denying this is one of the best looking games ever. It then went on to sell over 2 million copies, a feat that 95% of 360 games can't match. It's also funny that this guy bashes Killzone2 so soon after Gamespot gave it best competitive multiplayer game of the year.

As for Brutal Legend, I feel it's been lost in a busy release schedule but I don't think that means the hype wasn't deserved. It was met with excellent reviews for the most part. I didn't buy it day one, but I fully intend picking this one up, and I know this is on a lot of my friends radar as well. Just because something doesn't move 4 million copies on day one doesn't mean that the game itself didn't deliver.

Look at Okami. No one bought that game and yet it's considered a classic. Same thing with Beyond Good and Evil.

This guy is too focused on sales as a measure of a games worth.

jadenkorri3923d ago

why is it someone always tries to make killzone look bad, misleading target renders, lets see the E3 2005 video, link below

now here's the game play intro to the first level
goto about 8:30 and after which most represents the 2005 video

the game looks like this all the way through, they not only met the target render, they exceeded it. People are idiots and just blind xbots when downplaying a game like Killzone 2, this article is clearly another pathetic attempt to make the game look bad. Yes the article is referring to overhype, but they game met those expectations, unlike a few other lackluster games i need not mention.

3923d ago
jadenkorri3923d ago

your links proved nothing at all.... so how are you 1 against whomever.
Let alone your provided 3 links, you would think you would provide some interesting links to prove your right, when in fact you proved nothing, anyways, theirs really only 1 comment you made that was worth wild, the ground breaking fps part. My answer is "what's groundbreaking about any FPS? theirs nothing really in the end, every FPS is the same, just a different story/weapons. Xbox has its so called #1 FPS, Halo, PC has, IMO, its #1 FPS Crysis, and the PS3 has its #1 FPS Killzone. Stop hating a game that's on a console you don't have, if you want, but a PS3 and stop whining. I'm sure there are Sony fans who want to play Halo or Gears on their ps3, just like I'm sure 360fans want to play Killzone or inFamous on their 360. I don't mean to preach but fanboys are just annoying.

Rhythmattic3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )


Lolz.... You only own one console. I got to admit though, you are definitely a reliable fanboy. Sticks and stones.....

Also guessing you'll have another account soon, judging by those bubbles.

" me- 1

Bias zealots- 0, "

- 1 equates to a loss of points......

Thats how I read it.


Immortal3213923d ago

if not I'm joining a cult that's against the gaming community, I can't stand chaos unless I'm doing it.

artsaber3923d ago

How about I have a cover system that works while I am playing a FPS? How's that for groundbreaking you hating tard!? Stop hacking away at your balls because PS3 games are sweeping up awards this year. Either live with it or commit suicide, because it ain't changing for you.

HighDefinition3923d ago

I can`t believe MGSHDVersion, just actually tried to prove that Fear2 is more impressive than KZ2.

Wow, you need help.

pixelsword3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

The only Hype Killzone 2 had was about the graphics, and it met it and exceeded it, so the hype was met by the game. This so-called writer needs to learn reading comprehension if he wants to make an article competently.

How is it over-hyped when:

1. The game looked better than the CG trailer, and had more physics than the trailer *(which was the only thing touted about the game AT ALL)

2. The game, if matched-up from starting dates of the console, looks and plays better than Halo 3, or if matched towards actual dates, looks/plays better than ODST, and didn't even get half of the hype; I only say this because the media pegged it with the "Halo Killer" moniker, yet neither GG nor Sony said that.

3. Sold over two million, which seems to be the new standard of a successful game these days

4. Introduced New gameplay mechanics like a First Person cover system and steadying the Sniper Rifle using the sixaxis

This "article" is the most disappointing of 2009.

zeeshan3923d ago

Of all the games listed in the article, I believe Killzone 2 was the most under-hyped and unmarketed product. Killzone 2 deserved all the hype that you could possibly imagine. It's THAT good and deserved a lot of marketing which it didn't get. Killzone 2 need not to be that list.

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Bob Dole3924d ago

Replace Killzone 2 with MW2... it's only the most overhyped game of.. EVER!

Cue all the MW2 defenders that will say Bob is hating for the sake of hating... NOW.

markfrost3924d ago

Not replace. Just make it top 11. ;-)

-Alpha3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Killzone 2 had a heap of hype, alongside MW2. Both ended up failing to meet the hype train, but hype trains are always ridiculous.

Anyways, it was a good list until I found out there wasn't Modern Warfare 2.

Both MW2 and K2 are great games in the end, but they are also overhyped.

Bob Dole, people who disagree with you are not just MW2 defenders, stop using the "poisoning the well" fallacy. K2 deserves to be up there but the lack of MW2 on the list makes the list sore.

I'm glad to see Scribblenauts and Conduit too, Scribblenauts was easily the most overhyped games that nobody minded hyping. It's proof that innovation can only get you so far.

PrimordialSoupBase3924d ago

Add Modern Warfare 2 but also leave Killzone 2. The shooter has moved past these linear bores.

LeonSKennedy4Life3924d ago

MW2 is one of the best campaigns I've ever played, guys.

Did you not play through it or what?

It was memorable, EPIC AS FRICK, and absolutely left me wanting more.

What's everyone's problem on this site with MW2? Is it just too popular for you guys or what?

TheBand1t3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Because some people don't much care for MW2's multiplayer, for one. Compared to CoD4, it's absolutely garbage. (And that's saying something, cause I didn't like CoD4's multi either.)

Let's camp the entire round to get those killstreaks! Oh, you got enough for a nuke! YOU'RE WINNER!

:/ Not to mention the story was asinine, and the multiplayer was riddled with bugs and glitches.

Two-Face3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Yeah, offcourse there will always be complain if there is mentioned a PS3 exclusive in the list.

Offcourse PS3 exclusives must be replaced with a multiplatform or a 360 exclusive. No matter what you say guys, Killzone 2 was OVER-HYPED.

It was good, but it was overhyped. It was hyped up since 2005.

And you know what is even more funny? You don't see Wii fanboys disagreeing or whining over the list. And the 360 fanboys keep their mouth shut. They know that their games were overhyped. But the PS3 fans acts like none of their exclusives is overhyped

TheBand1t3923d ago

I agree that Killzone 2 was overhyped, as much as I enjoyed it. I can only hope there's not as big a hypetrain for Killzone 3.

ABizzel13923d ago

Am I the only one who actually enjoyed KZ2's single player. I thought it was as believable as an intergalactic war could be. You and your squad have a mission, and you must carry it out. You're not some artificially enhanced super soldier capable of taking down an entire army by yourself (even though you do kill a lot of Helgast).

I felt the hate between both side especially from Radec and Rico. It would have been better to play as Rico, instead of Sev (he was so boring). And it would have been nice if you could have played a campaign for ISA and the Helgahst (as Rico and Radec). But still Killzone 2 had a very good single player campaign for a FPS to me (as far as war shooters go).

Killzone 2 was overhyped, but a lot of the hyope was well deserved if you ask me. Good single player (co-op would have been nice), great multiplayer.

Bathyj3923d ago

Thats becasue Killzone for 3 years was peppered with "It cant be done", "it wont reach the render".

Then when it came out it not only reached, but exceeded expectation, and people who were too narrowminded to believe in it in the first place are now to stubborn to admit they were wrong for 3 years.

Yes, KZ had plenty of hype, mainly from gaming press, not Sony themselves, but it was warranted, it lived up to it, and therefore was not overhyped.

"It aint bragging MF when you back it up."

SilentNegotiator3923d ago

I guess these guys didn't play Killzone 2?

The final gameplay easily EXCEEDED the target render videos.

Bob Dole3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Agreed make it the 11 most overhyped games of '09 and make MW2 number 1.

@Alpha-Male22: Every time Bob Dole expresses his opinion about this game someone gets pissed off and b!tches that He's just hating for the sake of hating. Not saying everyone is like this but there's always someone who just can't grasp the concept of someone not liking a game as much as them.

JD_Shadow3923d ago

So every single 360 exclusive or multiplat game lived up to the hype, right? Only PS3 exclusives are capable of being overhyped, correct?

And I'm not saying you have no right to your own opinion (hell, if you didn't like KZ2, then so be it. You're missing out on a good FPS, but to each their own). But why do we have to agree with you or anything on the list to be viable?

And by the way, games like ODST and GTA Episodes WERE overhyped (and the only hype the latter really got was from fanboys fighting over whether or not the episodes would stay exclusive or not. No one else really CARED). I don't know about DJ Hero, and I haven't gotten to play Madworld yet, but if it was overhyped by sales only, then the game might be underrated from what I've heard about it (and that was a Wii exclusive, right? Care to explain why I, someone who's labeled as a PS3 fanboy all the time on this site, is saying that a WII game doesn't belong here?).

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militant073924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )




im not saying they are bad, but they were overhyped

-Alpha3924d ago

I don't want popular games on a overhyped list for the sake of putting it on there. If Forza, UC2, or games of that sort got on the list it would seem like a lazy list since all the writer would be doing is pulling popular games and pasting it onto a list.

UC2 and Forza both delivered tremendously. If anything with Uncharted 2 I would say stealth mechanics had no consequences because AI during stealth was horrible. Luckily UC2 isn't hyped as a stealth game but it still managed to add stealth for an amazingly varied game.

Now MW2 I will agree is the big omission, and this is coming from a fan of the game. I like MW2 but I know a hyped game when I see one.

My main issues with MW2 are not so much the game itself but the horrible community support by Bowling, the pathetic lack of testing the game for easy exploits that are rampant online, and the issues with the game being too casual-friendly.

Pennywise3923d ago

Yeah UC2 was overhyped... It delivered on every aspect and is sweeping GOTY awards. Maybe you need to look up the definition of overhyped.

Dsnyder3924d ago

1st off militan, Uncharted was not overhyped.

Second, that is pretty much nearly every game released this year...minus Modern warfare and Forza with its fail physics...I dont see how GTA DLC was overhyped, its got little attention, DJ hero did also. I only heard about that at E3 then it faded.

Cheeseknight283924d ago

Poor Brutal Legend. Tim Schafer can't make a hit to save his life.

Luckily some gamers out there see the brilliance in games like Psychonauts.

LeonSKennedy4Life3924d ago

I agree.

Both Psychonauts and Brutal Legend are masterpieces. I hate that people won't play either.

BlackTar1873923d ago

I don't get this over hype stuff. Its so subjective in the sense of people deeming there own definition of it to be correct.

I would only say MW2 and i have 5 days played but i don't really know if i like it yet to many issues to many things that unbalance and kill streaks i love them but prefer them to be taken out if requested in the find game tab because it makes it less about skill and more about camping.

But hey in the end its just opinion.

xabmol3923d ago

Brütal Legend was just "ok." It had a great story, atmosphere, and overall design, but the actual combat and gameplay I found lacking and the game was way short.

I was dissapointed by this one and will be selling it soon. I hope Tim's next game will be better. =/