Bungie's new viral ad. arrives

Today on an unknown hacker calling itself AdjutantReflex opened a thread titled System Integrity Confirmed (link at the bottom). later, on the HBO forums a topic with the same name was created by, you guessed it, AdjutantReflex.
Go to for the HBO posts.
At this point you can only speculate what will come of this. Is this I love bees all over again?

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Diselage4741d ago

I'm really sick of these silly little mystery things that never add up to anything, like they need a viral campaign to promote Halo 3.

Zeds_Not_Dead4741d ago

You know I'm with you on this one. I love bees got on my nerves to. The only people who hear and care about these viral ads are the people who'll bye the game any way so whats the point?

Droidbro4741d ago

This isn't being advertised or anything. It's just a little something for the hardcore fans. That's all.

Daxx4741d ago

Ooo that looks fun to try out. It seems to me that the viral poster is like a forerunner device or something and when you ask it questions it replys.

bootsielon4741d ago

They've been doing viral marketing since... ever. Enough already, think of something new (I know that's hard for you Microsoft, but at least try).

iceice1234741d ago

Anyway, yeah it just said "Sufficient contextual data acquired. 871803909 ± 384 hours since event.

Compiling local archives/resources. [Hibernating] until next incident."

And the thread was locked.

cookiemonster4741d ago

All I want for xmas is a PSP

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