Saints Row 3 Debuting At E3 2010

THQ quietly revealed Saints Row 3 and Red Faction 4 were in development in an investors conference in April. They've been mum about the games throughout the summer and fall but in a new interview, THQ's head of core gaming Danny Bilson gave some hints as to what you can expect from each of Volition's big sequels.

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BigKev453221d ago

Saint's Row sucks. GTA FTW!

EvilCackle3221d ago

I'm not going to argue that SR's better than GTA but it's ascended past "clone" status at least. The side missions are clever and fun but I think the campaign just needs to be tighter. Like Crackdown, it feels too loose - they just toss a few gangs on the map and tell you to go kill 'em in any order you want. You can't design a very complex plot if the bulk of the game can be finished in any order the player chooses.

GodsHand3221d ago

I have to agree, i was spoiled by GTA, i like the customizations that you can do in the game, but overall the gameplay is pretty weak, and the physics just dont work right for my taste. I like GTA 4, but when it comes down to it, it has nothing in the game play department of GTA:San Andreas.

UltimateSin3221d ago

If they keep the fun co-op aspect the same as SR2 then i'm sold, playing co-o in SR was just great.

EvilCackle3220d ago

Well that's the biggest gameplay difference between GTA and SR. I can't imagine Volition eliminating it from the next game. If anything, they'd expand it.

BadManGaz3221d ago

Protect Tha Pimp needs brought back, them I'm sold.

Shendow3221d ago

This is funny, because I got SR2 playing on my PS3 right now and SR may not look as good as GTA4 did. But custom make a character is more deep then GTA4 had for online.

I hope the next SR game is like Shenume, being able to go into shops an buy things or go and play video games (Besides just in your own crib) and more cloths to choose from.

EvilCackle3221d ago

I did love being able to make my character a mime with an Australian accent, yeah.

3221d ago
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