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thetamer3221d ago

I can't wait for this tonight. I'm not going to sleep.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3221d ago

I wish Gamefly would hurry up and send me this game.

I know that a lot of people didn't like it, but I want to play it and decide for myself.

I happen to love Frontlines: Fuel of War (the multiplayer) and that game was not very well received, either.

Does anybody know if there are vehicles in Operation Flashpoint, and if so, how do they handle?

Navel_Fuzz3221d ago

There is limited vehicle use in the game. Nothing to really look forward to. Mainly just jeeps for quicker transport. I know of one helicopter to fly also, but it's not any big deal.

Ashby_JC3221d ago

I REALLY tried to like this game!!!

But sold it after like 3 weeks while it still had SOME value.

The game could have been SOOOO much better but the design of changining weapons and the HORRID AI teammates and Enemy AI was a dealbreaker.

The GFX werent the best but I can more then overlook that if they had improved on other areas.

Some DO like the game though so I say for the ones who do..more power to you! And enjoy the DLC!

R6ex3221d ago

There are jeeps, APCs, tanks and helios that you can use. Unfortunately, you don't get to use them often in the main campaign; only in Fire Team Engagement missions. Other than its fiendishly difficult to operate the helios, the rest of the veheicles are ok.

Yeah, the AI movement and the way the controls are mapped out on the Xbox controller, they're horrible. Yet, this is the best combat sim, bar none. I'm waiting for ARMA 2 and Battle of Fallujiah to drop on consoles.

I've played through all campaign and DLC missions and its fun but challenging.

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Leord3221d ago

I'm mostly interested in the multiplayer modes.

mrv3213221d ago

The ones that should have been in the game?

This game in my opinion sucks.

Blaze9293221d ago

I agree. I used to have this on PS3; hated it so much. Game is just so bad. IMO

Dorjan3221d ago

the trailer was a bit lame

Maticus3221d ago

This has to be one of my all-time fave FPS games.

Navel_Fuzz3221d ago

I WANTED to really enjoy it. Overall I liked it, but it didn't hit the mark for me. I love the idea, I just think it ALMOST did a lot of things well, but just didn't quite get there.

I traded it in this past weekend.

Ashby_JC3221d ago

LOL...look at 1.3 we basically typed the same thing!!!

The game could have been SOOO much more but I feel they dropped the ball in a few areas namely Enemy and teammate AI that killed it for me.

Enjoy the DLC to the few who like this game!

juggulator3221d ago

Release DLC for LIVE only because you know the PS3 version sucks and you have no idea how to make a PS3 game. This game blows. Im surprised Codemasters haven't gone under due to all the crap games they've either made or published.

Bodster3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

actually if you have been onto the official website Helios states the reason why the PS3 DLC hasnt been released at the same time. Dont just jump to conclusions...

The reason for the delay of the PS3 version is because Sony take longer when approving DLC/patches. The DLC and patch was sent to sony at the same time, but due to more rigorous testing there it takes longer. And because of the Winter break Sony have not had enough time to approve the DLC or the patch which will be done soon after the Winter holiday.

mrv3213221d ago

MW2 anyone? Patches came out first on PS3... TWICE.

Maybe Sony don't want their customers to be ripped off.

Check the back of you OFP box... and I quote '220km open world enviroment'

Not once on the box does it say 'DLC required in order to do it's MAIN SELLING POINT' it's false advertisement no matter how you look at it and they should be sued.

Elwenil3221d ago

@ Bodster: I believe Helios about as much as I believe Microsoft's sales figures...

This should have been a good game, instead they rushed it and released it with false advertisements ont he box, misleading interviews and a bunch of hype. In reality, the game is ok for co-op or single player when the P2P is working right and a decent singleplayer game but is a fry cry from what it should have been.

In all fairness, none of the military sim open world games are released smoothly and are plagued by problems but where Codemasters fails is in it's initial lies and poor communication with gamers and a total lack of customer support. They are also another one of these developers that sells you information on a disc twice by making you pay for an unlock file that simply allows you access to an expansion that is already on the disc. It may not be outright fraud, but I think it's more than a little unethical and not the sort of thing that inspires trust between the customer and the developer. I will not be giving anymore of my money to Codemasters, ever. Buyer beware.

Bodster3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I will agree with you that the game wasnt as it should have been but i was still happy with the final release and have put in countless hours of gameplay into it. The recent DLC and patches have helped in making this the game it should be though and i am at least grateful for CM's decision to continue support and not just ditch this game...

Dragon Rising is one of the first MilSim's on current Gen consoles and i believe it has been a good effort. I look forward to future OFP's on console...

EDIT: And the reason the DLC is so small in size is due to the fact that the missions are created in Mission Editor which outputs the missions in very small sizes.

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