Critical Gamer: Braid: PS3 review

Critical Gamer writes: Being able to bend time around your little finger has always had its perks. It means you can avoid death, burning things in the oven becomes less of an issue, and any social faux pas involving inappropriate acts towards the opposite sex can be changed. That's just rewinding time though, the real challenge is in slowing it down, speeding it up, creating parallel time frames and just about everything else you need to do if you want to complete Braid.

This game will test you. It isn't a case of manipulating time to make things easier, a la Prince of Persia, but more to do with changing time to make things possible. You'll have to do things like reverse time to restore items that you have already smashed over an enemies head, slow down a moving platform so you can grab a key that is resting on it before it drops, and create a parallel of yourself in a different timeline to operate a switch in unison with your current self.

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scruffy_bear3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Braid is awesome

Jockie3321d ago

Yeah, one of the most interesting games to come out in the last few years. It hurt my brain in the same way as Portal, which is a good thing.

scruffy_bear3321d ago

Braid is one of the best game's I've played this year

DemonStration3321d ago

The story can be a little livejournal-ish, but the puzzle design is so perfect and the music and graphics are so moody and evocative. Braid is one of the best games ever.

mjolliffe3321d ago

Might have to try this out now. Haven't really looked into it.

scruffy_bear3321d ago

You really should it's a awesome game

malfesto3321d ago

I second that. It's one of the best indie games out there and truely deserves the bucket of awards that it's been given. It took them a while but I'm glad it's finally available to PS3 gamers.

Cubes3320d ago

Only heard good things about this game, and it sounds great. Will need to purchase it now methinks.