BRINK: Interview with Richard Ham and Edward Stern

Critical Gamer writes: BRINK turns out to be a lot more than just a regular shooter. The research behind the game – yes, there was research – turns out to actually be valid. Richard Ham and Edward Stern talk to Snezana about the actual scientific methods behind BRINK, the motivations behind the game, and about the game itself.

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scruffy_bear3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Awesome interview, looking forward to Brink

mjolliffe3275d ago

Was one of the first people to EVER see gameplay of this. Was extremely impressed and surprised. And Mr. Paul Wedgwood was a bit of a legend!

scruffy_bear3275d ago

Luckly for some, I'm hoping to see gameplay next year.

Jockie3275d ago

Brink sounds extremely promising. Hope they can pull off everything they're hoping to do with the game.

Flik1823275d ago

Hm, interesting stuff. Shame really that they gave any attention at all to your typical You Tube commenter though.

scruffy_bear3275d ago

Can't wait for some more gameplay videos as Brink is very interesting

DemonStration3275d ago

Anything trying to live up to a game like Bioshock is a good thing.

scruffy_bear3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Lets hope its as good as Bioshocks story

malfesto3275d ago

Indeed. They've set the bar pretty high on this one. It does sound pretty promising though.

scruffy_bear3275d ago

Does sound very promising looking forward to getting my hands on Brink next year

Jim Crikey3275d ago

This will be awesome - or terrible. No in between...

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