Microsoft May Be Forced to Alter Windows, State Official Says

"Antitrust officials may demand that Microsoft Corp. change its Windows Vista operating system to address a complaint that the program's design hurts competing software, said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal."...

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Diselage4741d ago

If they do need to alter it i guess it's a good thing nobody has it.

Odion4741d ago

how is it possible that googles stock is at 515 dollars???

Silver3604740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

the volume of the traded stock is low. so demand is high. that and they had 10 billion in revenues last year with a profit of 6 billion. Not a small company anymore huh?

JsonHenry4741d ago

Since when was it a bad thing that you did something to make it harder for the competition to compete with you?

You going to tell me I can't advertise because it hurts other peoples profits?! that is basically what this is.

BIadestarX4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Exacly... That's how anti-trust stuff works.... you can't come up with a product that is way ahead of the competition... microsoft product have to suck so other products can compete.

I love google... it's obvious that the search engine era will eventually die. Google is trying other ways to stay in the market and comming up with other revenue streams...

I mean, think about it... you go to google... search for something and get 5,000,000,000 results of which you only go over 10-20 top links...
Web search engines are becoming useless as information overload continues... That's solutions like RSS readers/feeds are being design.... also new features like vista gaggets.... and new technologies like web servers will render search engines useless in the future... google knows this. which is why they have that piece of crap thing called "Google Desktop" that slows the heck out of the computer.. and other applications like google office thing. Always good to have competition... but I think google is big enough and have enough money... to beat microsoft by making better products... instead of attacking what microsoft has... that's how companies like Firefox, Mac, Micromedia flash and other companies are doing it.
Come on google.. you have money.. make your own OS. hehe. or better yet.. make your software to run only on linux.
how come google does not attack mac? Apple does not ask anyone when they are going to make their OS.

Fart_Bubbles4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

and stfu, as someone that actually has a Vista machine I can tell everyone firsthand that it is an absolute piece of you know what.

superior product....bwahahahahhahahahah aha

xbots sure are good for a laugh

while you're at it why don't you tell us why microsuck does everything in it's market power to keep Linux from flourishing??

why would a company with such a superior product do this??

im sure people have heard about the government plan to provide $100 laptops to schoolchildren with a free Linux OS installed. In record Microsuch time they hit the panic button and offered their "superior" OS for $3 a piece. IMO that's what it's really worth.

sovietsoldier4741d ago

this is so stupid, if they are going after microsoft, they should try wal-mart

socalr64741d ago

So it make it hard for lame spyware toolbars like google's to work with Vista? Sounds like a great selling point for Vista not reason for anti-trust issues!! LAME!!

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The story is too old to be commented.