Hardgame2: Bayonetta Review Xbox 360 version writes (this text has been translated by Google):

"Bayonetta is a great action game from Platinum Games and Sega. If you buy it, rest assured that you will have chosen one of the best ways to start 2010 with your console, because since it is one of the games to take account of the year that is about to begin. The worst thing is that there are some levels that do not offer the same level of fun and excitement that the core game, but it's a small price to pay for the fun that it offers."

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Batusai3320d ago

I don't know why Famitsu gives to Bayonetta a 40/40. It's a good game but not one of the best games in hystory.

THE MAX SPEED 213320d ago

Japanese Standards arent the same as Americans. So maybe to them the game is one of the best Ever.

Batusai3319d ago

Well, but if the game has only eight hours on the campaign mode, it is too short here, and in Japan.