Sega: The Blue Sky Company

Six years after Dreamcast, the sun is shining for Sega Sammy. How did a company in the depths of despair manage to rebuild itself? And how will it achieve the dominance it craves in the console games market?

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CyberSentinel4733d ago

You want to make money?

Put Sonic to bed, and reinvent yourselves with some new, hardcore, adult themed, games. Create more original IP's like Condemned:Criminal Origins, and make them 360 exclusive.

Amplifier4733d ago

Sega will comeback with a vengeance but not in the console realm!

Mark my words!


Phantom_Lee4733d ago

SEGA use to be such great company....I really dont know what happened.....they sis a very bad job for transform Sonic from 2D to 3D....and they never made another Street Rage.....or Golden Axe...

Diselage4733d ago

I don't know about the whole adult game thing but to come back sega should probably let sonic die or at least not have him be their front man.

YOUR LIVING IN THE PAST SEGA. Try to invest your company into a new image that isn't such a Saturday morning cartoon type character.

snakeater34733d ago

why make them 360 exclusive cyberxbot? too afraid your crappy 360 might get crushed by the mighty behemoth that is ps3? oooww go cry to your mama coz this holiday season , we re gonna see some killer titles for sony's machine and you wont be able to play them ...and no ...we dont give jacksh!t about halo 2.5 , mass effect or bioshock...we dont need pc-ish americanized games thankyou very much...we re pretty happy with what the geniuses at konami and square enix are willing to offer us