Progress Report: Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD

What do you want for Christmas? Manufacturers and retailers are already banking on high definition's promise of a successful holiday season. Will it just be HDTVs that sell, or will HD DVD and Blu-ray players begin to make their mark? Halfway through 2007, it's time to take a look at both formats' progress.

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Diselage4804d ago

Let me guess their both still saying their respective camps are winning?

snoop_dizzle4804d ago

I wonder how long it will be until blu-ray and hddvd actually give DVD competition.

masterg4804d ago

That like comparing the PS3/360 to the Wii.

Eclipticus4804d ago

ps3/360 vs wii? thats stupid
its more like ps3/360 vs ps2.

Satanas4804d ago

All these articles are the same.

Intro: It's about time we look at who's winning the format war. (Seeing as there is a new report everyday, it must always be time.)

Body: Same BS from every other article

Conclusion: OH WAIT, it's too EARLY to decide on a winner!! Sorry for wasting your time.


MySwordIsHeavenly4804d ago

Well, both camps AREN'T saying they're winning. Even the HD-DVD camp knows Blu-ray is winning.

You'd be an idiot to think differently...

snoop_dizzle4804d ago

when will bluray give dvd actual competition?

Satanas4804d ago

@snoop_dizzle: this will really be dependent on TV vs HDTV's in households, which atm, is very low on HDTV side.

iceice1234804d ago

(and not by much) is the fact every ps3 has one in it. Look at it that way and begin to understand. More people want HD-DVD players, this is obvious by the stand alone units sold compared to blu-ray sold. It doesn't even matter, though. Both are not needed and will fall to DVDs which will give way into digital distribution. Didn't even Sony say the reason they didn't pack HD composite cables with the ps3 was because less than half of TVs sold were HD? So why would HD players possible be big?

Satanas4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Talk about unjustified opinion. Digital distribution doesn't interest many at the moment for HD content. The only "digital distribution" people are interested in is illegally downloaded movies. <-- generalization, referring to video, not music.

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drtysouf214804d ago

I think people are watching the progress to decide which way to go in the future. I'm impatient which is why i have a PS3 with blu-ray and also the hd dvd add on for my 360. I think even though blu-ray is winning and will probably win in the end it will be a long time before it is actually claimed the victor. So in the meantime i can enjoy both.

Satanas4804d ago

HD DVD's plus so far is that it still has exclusive Universal support, so you would benefit from having both formats.

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The story is too old to be commented.