Why The Team Fortress 2 Update/Free weekend was Horrendous

If you haven't heard or you just haven't got around to it, there has been a massive update to Team fortress 2 and a Free weekend for TF2 too. Now that as a concept seems awesome considering you get to play a full game for free for 2-3 days while capitalising on the new weapons, maps and crafting elements but in practice it is just awful.

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Bobby Kotex3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

He seems like a genius and Valve should hire him right away. Apparently he knows everything.

DirtyLary3224d ago

The STEAM forums look like WOW with all the crying about other people and crafting exploits.

TABSF3224d ago

This always happens when Valve release major updates, now the free weekenders have gone normal service should resume

xLordOblivionx3224d ago

The whole weekend I could not get the game to start downloading.

mcgrawgamer3224d ago

Imagine Olive Garden or Red Lobster feeding everyone for free for a weekend and you go in as a consumer expecting everyone to show up to have or look like they have a 6 figure income. Everybody with a pc downloaded tf2 for the free weekend and it wasn't just server capacity hindering the game. It was gamers with crap connections, awful pings, and crappy hardware running around on the servers. Now starting today the real gamers will start once again enjoying the game with a nice fresh patch to clean up any issues from the update.