David Doak talks Haze

Haze is Free Radical Design's first big push on next-gen, and a recent demonstration at UbiDays suggests it's got more ideas than most. Having talked about how the game itself is put together in last week's preview, today we're offering up the rest of our chat with David Doak, during which he deals with everything from PlayStation 3 and Halo 3 to making games more emotional

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Diselage4742d ago

A bit misleading in the title, he really doesn't say any thing bad and don't give me that stuff "oh the title didn't say it was bad words". When some one says they have some choice words to say about something i have never heard those words to be anything but negative.

Odion4742d ago

I disagree he first off agreed that American gamers are flag waving players, I find this personally a generalization and frankly rude to say about us.

Also he implied that Haze was going to have these features that Halo 3 wasn't going to be able to match and that in the end his game would be better.

tethered4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

It's a good thing Americans are big flag wavers because he would be speaking German right now if we weren’t. lol

Anyway, the game does look cool.

masterg4742d ago


If you knew anything about World War two you would know that the one country that did the most difference in winning the war was Russia.
I'm not saying the US didn't help, it's just so typical American to think it was all you.

tethered4742d ago

@ masterg.

I know all about it.
We lost a lot of men on Frances beaches so please don't downplay the US involvement.

Eclipticus4742d ago

okay honestly, i dont like this guy, every post in regards to him, is how such and such product sucks and his will be bigger and better. blah blah blah. Haze is a FPS correct? what does it do better? does it give you a guy, you manually have to reload, spare magazines and all? isnt he French? i mean honestly what does he know bout fighting and wars? okay thats kinda harsh. but funny.

Odion4742d ago

I agree this thinks far to highly of himself considering that he was only really apart of one big game Goldeneye.

Most people don't know or played Time Splitters.

Eclipticus4742d ago

goldeneye rocked. partly because it was the only good fps on n64. time splitters was okay, nothing special lack of coherent story prevented me from playing it more than 3 or 4 times.
suddenly my interesting is decreasing.

Lygre4742d ago

It seems like the Haze people are talking very high about their own game. Like it's so innovative and bringing new elements to FPS and that it's going to be so good.

We'll know that after Halo 3 and Haze has been launched...

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