Croteam: Serious Sam Is Not Simplistic

Serious Sam is hard. We all know that. But one thing it's never been considered is complex. You have a gun, you run around, and you shoot waves upon waves of slobbering monstrosities. However, if you call Serious Sam simplistic, Croteam may have something to say to you, like what studio founder Roman Ribaric said to us when we asked why the game's simplicity was so profound.

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devilhunterx3314d ago

its more linear than FF13

Ninji3314d ago

Even Pac-Man has more freedom.

BWS19823314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

fan knows there is strategy involved, and has honored the brilliance of the game by playing on higher difficulties. I have beaten the games on Hard and the one I committed to on Serious (original First Encounter from 2001)...It takes mastery of your weapons, mastery of every enemy, mastery of the levels. You have to learn to ration or stock up when you get powerups and ammo, etc... You learn the EXACT things he is quoted on, specifically the handling of enemies and the weapon selection and thinking ahead, the order in which to kill enemies as to have the best chance to survive or take minimal damage. The game is too frantic and deadly to be "mindless" if you are a veteran of the game. You will know what I'm talking about if you're a major fan and have played it for dozens of hours on every difficulty. I've played and beaten all 3 of the first iterations, and am currently enjoying the HD release still from Steam...Great game, always will be, and can't wait for both Second Encounter HD and Serious Sam 3!

However, I DO wish there was an editor included (the Serious Editor from the other iterations) for the HD one. I don't see it anywhere in the HD release, unless there is some way to get it I haven't found yet. I have been going through this new one having a blast, and recalling all the building and designing I did in the editor years back. An editor is incredible with such an outstanding game, and it's one of the easiest and most robust ones out there for FPS games!

BWS19823313d ago

this site has fanboys, but, I didn't know I could get disagrees because there are ACTUALLY anti-Croteam/Serious Sam fanboys here??!! Whoah! that's awesome, that someone has the ignorance to come into a Serious Sam story, and disagree with a fan of the game? WHY ARE YOU HERE CLICKING ON IT AND SPENDING TIME IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE GAME!?


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